A Big Week for Renovating Families

As you probably know, family is a big part of God's design for the spiritual formation of the next generation. Consequently, home is one of Satan's greatest strategic targets in his attempts to thwart the progression of the gospel throughout history and among cultures. We know from experience that we often need equipping, sometimes complete … Continue reading A Big Week for Renovating Families

3 Questions You Keep Asking

Since I announced my resignation from Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy, Texas to become Senior Pastor at Bay Area First Baptist Church in League City, Texas people keep asking three questions: What about Milestones? Milestones is a strategy that is integral to the mission of Kingsland Baptist Church which is to love God, love people, … Continue reading 3 Questions You Keep Asking

What is “Parent Summit”?

After speaking at the D6 conference in Frisco, Texas I received several questions from ministry leaders wanting to know more about "Parent Summit" at Kingsland.  To learn more read on... Parent Summit is an event we offer (2x) per year for parents who would like to discover what it means to intentionally lead their children … Continue reading What is “Parent Summit”?