Since I announced my resignation from Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy, Texas to become Senior Pastor at Bay Area First Baptist Church in League City, Texas people keep asking three questions:

What about Milestones?

Milestones is a strategy that is integral to the mission of Kingsland Baptist Church which is to love God, love people, and equip the generations one home at a time.  Legacy milestones provides the path connecting church and home at Kingsland.  This will not change just because I have resigned. As long as Alex Kennedy is the Senior Pastor at Kingsland, legacy milestones will thrive and continue equipping parents to become the primary faith trainers of the next generation.  This beautiful partnership between church and home is much bigger than me.

Milestones is also a transferable strategy as proven by hundreds of churches that have and are implementing the strategy.  Certainly, I will take milestones with me to Bay Area First Baptist Church as a way of leading yet another community of Christ followers to empower the family to make disciples at home.

What about Parent Summit/Pastor Track? (February 4-5,2011)

If you have not yet registered you should because the pastor track at Kingsland is certainly still a go. I will be coming back to Kingsland on Friday the 4th to lead the seminars for ministry leaders along with the generational team at Kingsland.  I am excited to bring my new team from Bay Area to learn milestones from the Kingsland staff and also experience Parent Summit on Saturday.  Steve Wright, author of Rethink and APparent Privilege will be joining us Friday afternoon and then teaching at the main sessions of Parent Summit on Saturday.  For more information and to register your staff, ministry team, or just yourself, visit

What about the Israel trip? (April 2-13, 2011)

We are still going to Israel April 2-13 of 2011, Lord willing.  I hope to take some from Kingsland, some from Bay Area, and others from around the country.  My prayer is that God will begin using this Israel experience with leaders and influencers at Bay Area just as He has at Kingsland and other churches.  This trip is the most amazing discipleship experience. It is rabbinic in nature.  We learn with our feet as we hike the land of Israel, walking the path of biblical legacy.  This is not for the faint of heart.  It is not a bus tour but instead an experience that demands the full attention of your head, heart, hands, and feet.  You will push yourself phyiscally, spiritually, and emotionally and in turn you will never forget the land of the Bible.  You will never read the Scripture the same again.  If you are interested in going you must register now.  For more information check out Walk the Path of Biblical Legacy: An Israel Study Expedition.

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