What is Gender?

We are having a national debate over gender. What is a woman? What is a man? Even the existence of this argument at every level of public education and civil government demonstrates confusion unprecedented in our national history. But, it’s not only an American argument, it’s a global discussion. Why is this problematic theologically? Genesis … Continue reading What is Gender?

Two Life-Changing Biblical Adventures in 2022

In June of 2006, as a young pastor and lifelong student of the Bible, I put my feet in the lands of the Bible for the first time. Walking the ancient paths of the Bible changed everything for me as a disciple of Jesus. Since that time God has afforded me the opportunity to take … Continue reading Two Life-Changing Biblical Adventures in 2022

A Global Lament

Isolation. Never alone but always alone. Fear. Anger. Full vent online. Zoom. Bored. Depression. Anxiety. So much death. Canceled. Politics. Mixed messages. Lies. Truth. Everyone makes up their own “truth.” Fragility. Stupidity. Racism. Abuse. Hunger. Schism. Global Disaster. Eyes only faces. Grief. Tears. Make it stop. “But this I call to mind and therefore I … Continue reading A Global Lament