In June of 2006, as a young pastor and lifelong student of the Bible, I put my feet in the lands of the Bible for the first time. Walking the ancient paths of the Bible changed everything for me as a disciple of Jesus. Since that time God has afforded me the opportunity to take hundreds (maybe thousands) of men and women to walk the lands of the Bible and study the Scriptures in context. It is my desire to follow the command of Jesus to make disciples of all nations. This is one way Jesus uses me to make disciples. These experiences are much different than a typical bus tour of the land. We want you to see it, smell it, feel it, hear it, and walk it. We designed a unique experience so you experience discipleship like the 1st century disciples. In 2022 there are two opportunities for you to invest in your walk with Jesus or to scholarship someone else who needs to encounter Jesus like never before.

Legacy Path: The Israel Experience – June 5-16, 2022

What does it mean to come and follow Jesus like the earliest disciples? How do we follow Jesus biblically in the 21st century? Walk the ancient paths with us in the footsteps of Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Deborah, Solomon, Hezekiah, the disciples, Mary, and of course, Jesus. With the Bible as our guide, we will experience the people and places of our faith that once seemed so far off. We will learn from the legacy of faith of so many who have gone before us and consider living the life of a disciple of Jesus. People often say they didn’t know Jesus until they walked these paths. They say things like, “I feel like I was reading the Bible in black and white but now I see with HD clarity.” This foundational experience is lifechanging. Come with us in 2022. For more information and to register click the following link.

Restoring Shalom: Exploring Biblical Asia Minor (Turkey) – September 11-21, 2022

How did the disciples of Jesus take the gospel message of the risen Lord Jesus from Jerusalem, to Judea and Samaria, and then to the uttermost parts of the earth? How did they impact Roman Asia minor in all of its cultic pomp and power, with the good news of the Savior born in meager Bethlehem? How did they restore shalom to the spiritual chaos in Rome? Explore the 7 churches of Revelation, the missionary journeys of Paul, and the impactful ministries of John, Philip, Epaphras, and so many more. The biblical lessons experienced on this trip are very important for impacting 21st century America with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The similarities between Rome and America are bone chilling and the gospel is powerful in both contexts. Come follow us this September as we trek the ancient paths of modern Turkey. Here are what some people are saying about out Turkey study tour.

As a pastor, this trip has been invaluable to my understanding of biblical backgrounds and in turn invaluable to the preaching ministry of my church. – Neal Grogan

The insights gained during this trip are too many to list. Just being able to put into context the letters to the 7 churches would have been enough. But being able to sit in potentially the exact room where they would have been originally read is an experience that is difficult to put into words. – Michael Crislip

Set aside the beauty of the landscape, the unbelievable hospitality of the people, and the fantastic food and it was a life changing experience. We are always told to read our bibles, yet many don’t have time and when we do we understand so little of it or take it out of context. If you have a desire to begin or continue down the path of being a disciple of Jesus and understanding better what the bible says, then this trip is for you. -Joey and Crystal Tackett

For more information or to register click the following link. Let’s journey together.

If you would like to provide scholarship for someone else to experience either Israel or Turkey you can give at Specify “Israel/Turkey scholarship”.

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