We worship our kids. Consequently they could believe they are the center of the universe.

Worship Jesus instead.

Adore Jesus as, not only the center of the universe, but its Creator.

He is worthy of our worship. Our children are not.

No one wants to raise children who think they are god. Entitlement sort of smells bad to everyone. Yet, when our kids become our idols, taking priority over even the purposes of God in our lives and theirs, they grow to expect the world to bend to their will. They expect to dictate the daily course of action.

This is a wide path that leads to destruction. Think about it. Our children were not designed by God to be the greatest objects of our affection. When we make them just that, we set them up by accident and with good intentions for things like anxiety, depression, entitlement, etc., simply because no kid can handle being the center of the universe.

“Yes” to unconditional love for our children.

“Yes” to compassion, listening, hugs, and kisses.

“Yes” to training them and developing them in the way they should go.

“No” to placing our greatest priority and affection on them. That is idolatry.

So how do we ensure Jesus is the center of our affection and our children know it? Here are three thoughts:

  1. Gather with the church of Jesus Christ weekly to worship as a family. Attending once a month because the kids have extracurricular activities on Sunday is worshipping our children. Choose to prioritize the weekly gathering of the church to worship Jesus. Our rhythms demonstrate our worship.
  2. Pray and read the Scriptures as a family more than at meal times. If the greatest object of our affection is Jesus, His Word and our inquiry of Him in prayer should permeate our family life.
  3. Pray and read the Scriptures on your own daily as loving worship of our King. When he has your head, heart, hands, and feet, every day He is the One you worship.

Of course gospel and grace in all things. Legalism stinks and can become an idol on its own. But, we need to evaluate things. Who has our greatest affections?

2 thoughts on “Parenting Concern #1: We Worship our Children

  1. So thankful you are speaking out on this issue. It truly has been on my heart as a grandparent of six grandchildren growing up in such a self-absorbed society. Praying American parents’ hearts will turn back to God and that they will follow Deuteronomy 6, so the next generation will want to fully love and obey the LORD.


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