5 concerns I have for American parenting:

1. We worship our kids

2. We pursue talent development over faith development.

3. We allow gaming and social media too early and in excess.

4. We don’t give our kids permission to fail.

5. We offer them religion instead of Jesus.

Because of these 5 #parenting concerns, consequently… 5 concerns I have for the next generation in America:

1. Could believe they are the center of the universe.

2. Could find out their talent doesn’t help and their faith is shallow when life is painful or difficult.

3. Could face anxiety, depression, and find it difficult to connect with real people in a real world.

4. When they finally do fail, they might think it’s the end of the world instead of an opportunity to learn and grow.

5. Will discover religion is not the treasure we presented and might reject or at least be apathetic toward Jesus (the real treasure).

5 thoughts on “5 concerns for American parenting and consequently 5 concerns for the next generation…

  1. Plenty of people today have anxiety and depression who didn’t have parents who worshiped them. I personally could have used some kinder gentler treatment growing up.


  2. God, please grant us wisdom as we parent. Let our kids see YOU on the throne of our hearts and that we worship You alone. Thank You for the gifts You have given us in our children: please guide our thinking and actions as we appreciate their God-given giftings without elevating the importance above what is most important. Show us how to parent through the challenges of today so that our children truly know the value of community and connecting with people and serving in their communities.Please show us how to teach them in effective ways so they truly learn as they grow, even through mistakes and unwise choices. Please let them see our love for You above all else. May they see and hear and worship You alone.


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