Recently I was asked specifically, “Beyond training strategies to make disciples of our children, what is it that would be an effective demonstration of the gospel at home?”

In other words, how do we live out the gospel at home in such a compelling, authentic way that our children actually want the life that is lived in Christ, with Christ, and for Christ? Here are 7 biblical demonstrations of the gospel that are clearly observable at home. I will expound on this in my February 4, 2018 sermon for Bay Area Church titled, “Demonstrate the gospel at home.

1. Your marriage demonstrates the gospel.

2. Your treatment of sin demonstrates the gospel.

3. Your affections demonstrate the gospel.

4. Your response to suffering demonstrates the gospel.

5. How you love your neighbor demonstrates the gospel.

6. Your words demonstrate the gospel.

7. Your unconditional love for your children demonstrates the gospel.

It is in the “as you are going” parts of life that the gospel is demonstrated and discipleship occurs. Discipleship devoid of an authentic (not perfect) demonstration of the gospel is informational but not transformational. Show them.


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