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How do we demonstrate the gospel at home?

Recently I was asked specifically, “Beyond training strategies to make disciples of our children, what is it that would be an effective demonstration of the gospel at home?” In other words, how do we live out the gospel at home in such a compelling, authentic way that our children actually want the life that is lived in Christ, with Christ,…

New Life in the Next Generation

Last week at Bay Area Christian School and in the student ministry of Bay Area First Baptist Church we saw an amazing out pouring of God’s Spirit and an amazing response to the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you know me you know I’m praying that the next generation of American Christians to become the greatest generation of American Christ-followers in U.S. history. That’s my big God, John 15 prayer for the next generation. Here is a glimpse of what God did last week in our little faith community with the next generation.

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