Today our daughter, Hailey, shared her story in chapel at Bay Area Christian School. It’s the same story that we refer to in our book, Relentless Parenting and the same story we alluded to in January on Family Life Radio. Today though, she stood before her peers, confessed her brokenness and pointed people to Jesus. It took courage and faith. She threw her stinking rock like David in the valley of Elah. Her pain was was real, our parenting wasn’t perfect, but the promise of new life in Christ rescued her. His grace is real. He is the Living Water eager to quench your deepest thirst. He is the source of true freedom and hope. Watch Hailey tell her story in her own words. Heck, sit your teenagers down and ask them to watch it.

“Last year I asked a lot of you this question and I’m going to ask you again. Where is your hope?”

One thought on “Hailey’s Story (…and the story of all of us)

  1. Praise to Our Father, God Almighty, Creator of all things, Author of Life and Victor over Death, Our Savior, Redeemer, Counselor, Friend…I love you, Hailey. I love you now more than I’ve ever loved you. Courage is a supernatural union between our human insecurity and imperfection and God’s transcending Peace through Christ. Courage, like what you’ve shown is in a realm sometimes never discovered by those who surround us and who face the same but different struggles each day. It is this Courage that is edified only by the love of Christ and that is available to us, only after the surrender of self that allows us to become utterly transparent. Transparency is Humility. And Humility is Christ. Transparency takes courage and it’s tough, I know. But, now – you can enjoy it as a way of life…To reveal our brokenness to others, especially when we’ve done a good job at concealing, brings Glory to the God of Forgiveness and Transformation. It’s like handing someone a sealed invitation with their name on it- saying “you’re invited too.” So, thank you for letting God use you…so that others would feel less alone in their pain and suffering. Believe me, the stage you spoke on was hallowed ground. God was so present…Is so Present, of course…But, most importantly He is Alive in you and you are More than a Conqueror.
    I love you. Aunt Monica


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