This week I started a sermon series called “HOME: Experiencing God’s best in real family life.” It’s true that there is no perfect marriage, no perfect parent, no perfect children, no perfect homes. However, we can experience God’s best in the context of our home life. Join me for week 1 of a 5 week series on the home as we begin with, “The Biblical Importance for Home.” I know you will find hope and help for yours.

3 thoughts on “The Biblical Importance of Home

  1. I enjoyed this video post and shared it with friends. We’re all wondering where the rest of the series is. Or at least the next installment!


  2. Reblogged this on r e F o c u s and commented:
    Pastor Brian Haynes of Bay Area First Baptist Church near Houston, TX, is sharing a 5-week series on the Home and God’s heart for families. I will be “re-blogging” his blog for the duration of the series because the information he is presenting aligns perfectly with the heart of ReFocus Ministry.
    CHILDREN’S MINISTERS: If you are beginning the journey towards a more home-focused ministry, the information Brian gives is invaluable to you! I’ve had the privilege to meet with and study under Brian in the past and his heart and theology had a huge impact on my own journey into family ministry. Be blessed!


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