It is vitally important that we (followers of Jesus Christ) learn how to engage real people who oppose our biblical worldview in a way that represents Christ and is actually effective for the advancement of the Gospel. Particularly, how should we live, love, and influence as Christ’s ambassadors in the midst of the growing celebration of homosexuality in our culture? This past Sunday I preached a 40 minute message to equip believers just that. Here is a two minute introduction to the content.

My prayer is that you, oh follower of Jesus, will sense the timely importance of this issue. Watch the entire message to learn how you should live in the context of your daily relationship circles as a Christian who knows, works with, loves someone in the LGBT community. Learn what the church must do no matter what the culture says and explore your rights as a church leader in days of intensifying pressure to remain silent. To watch the entire sermon, “The Church and Changing Sexual Norms“…

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