photoHi Polly,

Happy Birthday! I’m sitting in my study preparing a sermon to preach twice on Sunday morning. On Sunday I’ll preach that sermon to more than 900 people that call me their pastor. If they only knew the “Brian Booger” that you know. Sometimes I stare out the window and wonder how I ended up here. I have been blessed to preach the gospel all across the United States, Canada, Ukraine, and the Middle East. I have written two books and contributed to two others. I regularly write for several Christian publications. I have counseled CEO’s, politicians, and astronauts. This year, as you know, I will be 40 years old. I am grateful to God that He has allowed me stewardship of a tiny part of His Kingdom in my generation. Truly, I can’t wait to see what else He has in store.

The best part of my life is family. I have the best wife. You probably sense this but you simply do not know at what depth I am blessed to call Angela my wife. I have three amazing daughters, your great granddaughters, that are each a special gift. They have my heart and my life commitment as daddy. Sometimes I wonder how a man could be so blessed. Bless the Lord oh my soul!

Today is your 90th birthday. I’ve been thinking about you all day. Certainly, I bless the Lord for His grace and guidance in my life but He reminded me today of how grateful I am for you. You have played a significant role in shaping who I am becoming as a Christian man. You may not realize this but you are the one human source of constant, consistent, and unsolicited encouragement in my life. When I think of you I know I am loved. I know when I call that you will lift my spirit. You have been that to me since before I can remember. Sometimes in the difficult times of adult life and pastoral leadership I go to a special place in my mind. It is on the old yellow couch in your living room. It’s dark outside and I am ready for sleep. It is just you and me and endless ghost stories. All I can say is thank you. Thanks for showing me love that is not based on my performance in life. Thank you for praying for me all of these 40 years. Thanks for cheez-its, coconut cake and ice cream in the summer. Thanks for bible stories, books, and magical Christmas mornings. Thanks for vacations on the beach that are the highlights of my childhood memories. Thanks for always being my cheerleader. Keep praying for me. It’s comforting to know my Polly always intercedes for me. Thanks for showing me what kind of legacy a grandparent can leave in the life of her grandson. I hope I have the same privilege in the lives of my future grandchildren. I can’t wait to see you this summer. I truly miss you.

With tears of joy. Your Grandson,


5 thoughts on “A Letter to my Grandmother on Her 90th Birthday

  1. Pastor Brian, thank you for sharing your story of your grandmother. As a new member of your church I’m continually struck by your wisdom and your your understanding of life. Your letter reminds me of 65+ years ago when my grandmother gave me support and love at a time of difficulties in my family..Thank you for being my Pastor.


  2. As a grandfather and a great-greandfather, I wept as you shared with us how much your dear grandmother meant to you in your life and how her witness was a key part of your spiritual growth and maturity. Oh how I pray my wife and I may have the same influence on our grandchildren and our great-grandcchildren. Thanks so much for sharing this Brian and God bless you dear Pastor.


  3. Thank you Brian for sharing. I cried all the way through. I pray God will help me to keep having that unconditional love that grandkids need. You are such a special young man and we love you and are so blessed to have you as our pastor and friend. Laura and Dale


  4. A blessing to another grandmother’s heart. My grandchildren are a long ways from being adults, but your blog reminds me of the great legacy I have in the grandparents who chose to follow Jesus and modeled their faith real time !


  5. What a beautiful lady! Even if you had not posted her picture (which I’m glad you did), I sensed her inner beauty from your description of her.


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