There once was a father who had a son who turned his back on the old man in rebellion. Day after day the father, in love, agonized over his son and longed for him to return. One day, as the father gazed into the distance, a tired and humbled man slouchingly returned home. The father began to weep. His heart was filled with compassion as he recognized his son, aged by reckless living. There was no anger or pride. The father tucked his cloak and ran to meet the son who wounded him so. He embraced him with strong arms and gasps of joy. The father shouted for all to hear, “My Son was dead but now he is alive!” He kissed his once rebellious but now repentant son over and over again. He put a ring on his finger and gave him the best robe in the house. He put shoes on his feet and he killed a calf, spilling its blood, and hosted a grand feast for his son. This is how the Father, our Father, loves. (Adapted from Luke 15:11-24)

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