Two days into Group’s new conference for Children’s pastors and leaders I can honestly say that I am experiencing a whole new kind of conference.  The thing that I love the most is that Group has succeeded in creating a conference where real connection and conversation is taking place.  There are no rockstars (except for Leeland and Building 429), just ordinary people serving in the trenches talking ministry, life, and family. I love that there are intentional conversation environments throughout the day as well as enormous sack chairs that are very conducive to just hanging out. All though I have learned a lot from the sessions and guest speakers, my favorite learning environments have included coffee and great conversation with some new friends: guys and gals that are living it out like Ricardo Miller, Dale Hudson, Gina McClain, Craig Johnson, Jesse Smith, Kenny Conley, Dan Scott, Matt Mckee, Henry Zonio, and so many others.

Kudos to Chris and Tim and the entire team at Group. Your hospitality is amazing. Your care for us spiritually is unprecedented. Thanks for all your dreams, prayers, and work that has allowed such a conversational environment.  I’m loving it.

5 thoughts on “KidMin11:What I’m Loving

  1. It was great meeting you and getting to chat with you. Thanks for having coffee with me even though you were working on so little sleep after taking a dip in your in-room wading pool 🙂 Hopefully, we can connect again when your out this way for BASS.


    1. Enjoyed meeting you too Henry. We (Angela and I) will look for you in San Francisco. I’m really looking forward to coming that way. Hopefully my hotel room will not flood. See you then!


  2. Bryan,

    I’ve been reading through Galatians, and found myself fascinated by 3:23-27. The language used is that of a parent guiding a child through discipleship, and then at the end, releasing him or her to continue on. Am I off base?


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