What’s Next for You?

The drive from Frisco, Texas back to Houston always gives me some time to think. I always enjoy being a part of the D6 conference. I love the biblical root of the event. I love Matt, Ron, and the entire Randall House team who bust it to make the experience so worthwhile. I’m looking back at the investment men like David Platt and Voddie Baucham made in my life as they preached God’s Word. I’m thanking God for Doug Field’s healthy reminder about my inward man. I am thankful for the time away with my team. If you are like me, D6 is a mountaintop experience where you learn, connect with other leaders, and worship Jesus in an amazing environment but it goes by all too fast.

Just a week later, I am living “Next” in my own family and church. I have quickly descended the mountain and am now in the trenches, just like you.  Here’s what my next is looking like so far.  This Sunday we are hosting an event at our church called “Big Day.” We will be casting vision to help our people understand how we will live out our newly clarified mission in the next 12-24 months to “Glorify God by making disciples, equipping families, and serving the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” It’s going to be a “Big Day!” We are going to talk specifics about Missions, Milestones, Discipleship, and getting our house in order so that we can be used by God to the fullest.

After the Big Day comes the hard work of connecting people to the vision, implementing milestones, and serving the world, locally, nationally, and internationally, with the Gospel. We now in fact have a mountain to climb toward our first parent summit in February. Lot’s of teams to build, people to equip, resources to develop, yada, yada, yada.

What’s next for you?  Let the theology and philosophy of your D6 experience become a daily reality in your home life and your ministry. What was your take away that will translate into your “NEXT.” Comment. I would love to read about your “Next” as D6 is in the rear-view mirror.

7 thoughts on “D6 in the Rear-view Mirror

  1. I am on a path to implement the Blessing of Children. And it will begin first, in my own home. Then I will take it to the people. It was like a lightbulb for me when the speakers said it must start in MY home! Something I already knew, but was re-energized and inspired to do just that! Thank you D6! I came home more inspired to make the NEXT happen in my own home.


    1. Awesome to hear you are focusing on your family (no pun intended) as you take D6 home. All of your ministry will pour out of that small group living under your roof. Blessings as you lead spiritually at home!


  2. Our NEXT step is exploring being a part of the Sticky Faith Cohort through the Fuller Youth Institute. We are wanting to be very intentional about generational discipleship and mentorship, and this seems to be a good opportunity to explore how we can do that!


  3. Good to see Brian! Thanks for your contributions to this continuing conversation. I picked up Legacy Path and will start on that soon!


  4. D6 was a great time to be with like-minded people who are part of this movement of God. We are praying about the NEXT step, but we know that we will continue to train the parents that have already shown interest in being the primary disciplers of their children. We know that it can start with training one family at a time. One small step at a time…


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