I think we all find ourselves in a similar situation. We know family, and specifically parents, need to take the lead the the spiritual formation process of kids and teenagers. If you are like me you struggle with a difficult question. How do we as pastors and church leaders, involve, engage, and equip parents to disciple their own kids? Family ministry can be a quandary.  

I have been scratching my head on this one for years now. About 5 years ago I lead a team of pastors and lay people to develop and implement a plan to equip the generations by engaging one home at a time. We overhauled our discipleship strategy at church to create a common path for church and home called “Legacy Milestones.”  This has been and continues to be the most fruitful, effective, and exciting ministry of my 14 years in church leadership. We have literally seen our church of silo ministries SHIFT into a church aligned along a path of milestones, engaging and equipping parents to disciple their own kids. It’s not perfect but it is a beautiful thing.

I have learned a lot about discipleship and family ministry along the way and so has my team. I would like to invite you to have a conversation with us at Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy, Texas on August 20, 2009. Its a workshop for leaders seeking to find a way to equip and encourage family and make better disciples. Join me as we talk about building a strategic bridge from Dt.6:4-9 to Matthew 28:18-20.

I think the gathering will be small which is good. I look forward to face time with you discussing this important SHIFT. For all the information you need and to register online go to…


Also, I have a new book coming out August 1 that you will receive at the Milestones Leaders Workshop. Check it out by clicking below and download a free sample chapter.

SHIFT: What it Takes to Finally Reach Families Today



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