Interesting title?  What does it mean?

Listen to the voices of our culture.  Listen to Christian men and women as they talk and walk the halls of church on Sunday.  Listen to your children as they chat with friends, talk on the phone, or simply express amazement.  There is a sense in our culture, in our churches, in our homes, that God somehow is not present. 

We use His Name flippantly to express amazement or horror.  We have forgotten He is present when we read the Word or come to Him in prayer.

Have we forgotten that our Bible is the very words of God.  Did we some how lose sight of the fact that our churches are holy places designated for the worship of King Jesus?  Have we forgotten that God’s presence richly dwells in our homes? Do we not believe it when the Scripture teaches that our bodies are the very temple of God?  Not only is He around us but as Christ-followers, He is in us!

Da Lifne Mi Atah Omed.  Transliterad hebrew for “Know Before Whom You Stand.” In the Jewish culture these words are often found in the Synagogue above the Torah closet containing the Hebrew Bible.

What if we approached life this way?  How would it change? Would my life in Christ be different if I was constantly aware of His presence?  Would I parent differently if I was certain God was present in my home?  Would my kids live differently if they lived life in the reality of the presence of God?

My friend I beg of you… Da Lifne Mi Atah Omed.

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