People often judge the younger generations behind them.  I will never forget going to my first church as a 21 year old student pastor.  I wore jeans on a Wednesday night and a senior lady just could not stand it.  She accosted me with her view of Jesus’ dress code.  Now, some 14 years later I find myself looking at the 20 somethings wondering what they were thinking when they got dressed.

The younger generations do the same thing.  They look at adults older than themselves and make evaluations.  Often the feel exasperated by a model of Christianity that lacks authenticity.  I believe they react to this and often rebel.

All of us, whether we are 18 or 80 have a generation behind us.  They are watching and following, trying to determine which way to walk in life.  If you are a parent walking the path of legacy milestones with your child or student you must follow well in order to lead well.  Family devotions and milestone celebrations are empty religious practices apart from a genuine relationship with Christ.

Consider the cycle of Psalm 78:1-8. The older generation tells the younger generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD.  The older generation demonstrates how to trust God in every circumstance of life, good and bad.  The younger generation learns to follow Christ by watching the older generation.

As you walk the path of legacy milestones as an adult you are leading a generation behind you.  Make sure you often look at the path ahead of you.  If you follow Christ well along this path of antiquity, there is a solid chance the next generation will also follow well.  How are you following?  What do you do to follow? No pressure but the next generation depends on how you follow.

One thought on “Follow well… for the sake of the Generations

  1. Brian,
    I enjoyed gaining more insight about the most wonderful woman who gave you life. What a beautiful and godly lady! She taught you well and made sure that you are teaching not only your kids well, but this church’s, this community’s, this country’s children. You have agreed to model the godly life in this present age of worldliness. Hats off to our moms!
    My mother did the same for me. I want to be like her. One day I’ll join her and tell her so. But for now, I have a job to do and that is to leave a legacy for my children and grand children.


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