This week I spoke with a Dad who calculated he had only 44 Saturdays left with his son before graduation.  I told him I did not want to start thinking that way at all.  It just makes me sad.  He said something that got my attention.  “Doing the math makes you realize just how short the time is with our children.”  This month my oldest daughter turned 9.  I keep thinking to myself, “That’s half-way to 18.”  Time flies when it comes to our children.

The choices we make with our time really impacts the influence we have on our children.  Last night I was putting Madelyn in bed and she asked me why we never play in her room anymore.  I went into defensive mode building a case that school just started and we have less time than we did in the summer. Later I realized, little Maddie needed some time with Dad.

Parenting is influencing our children spiritually by spending time with them.  Walking the path of legacy milestones is more than a weekly family devotion and a milestone celebration every year or so.  It is really more about the daily journey.  Spend time walking with them on the path called life.  Their time at home will not last forever.  Make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to spend a lot of time with your children.

“Teach us to number our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

-Psalm 90:12

One thought on “Fight for Time!

  1. I have become more self aware of this every day as my older kids are in college now but I have my lovely 13 year old still with me. There are so many opportunities to enjoy and live life in a special way with them if we look for opportunities and make time. Kilimanjro with my oldest daughter is an experince of a lifetime and I hunger for more. I encourage all to not wait till the next day, strike while the Spirit is hot.


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