Conspiracy theories among Christians

A close friend in our church texted me this question today amidst the whirlwind of conspiracy theories wildly blowing among believers on social media. "What are your thoughts towards the uproar of believers posting conspiracy type things online (especially today)? I feel overwhelmed by the amount of fear and disunity." This is the worst of … Continue reading Conspiracy theories among Christians

Kingdom angst and the SBC

I am really no one of extreme importance when it comes to Southern Baptist life. In that regard this post may be useless. I am a graduate of Baylor University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Liberty Theological Seminary. I have been in Southern Baptist church settings all of my life. As a pastor I have … Continue reading Kingdom angst and the SBC

You Can Help Us in the Bay Area of Houston/Galveston

To all who are concerned about us in light of Hurricane Harvey: Thank you for your prayers. God is faithful and the light of Christ is burning brightly even in the midst of this terrible disaster. To be truthful, I am shocked at the level of destruction in our area. Every day I receive dozens … Continue reading You Can Help Us in the Bay Area of Houston/Galveston