Eastern skies. Western eyes.

Eastern skies. Western eyes. Ancient paths. Superhighways. Shepherds. CEO's. Follow me. Work for me. Watch me - be like me. Sit in rows - listen - fill in the blank. Pray like this. Tweet like this. Love your neighbor as yourself. Love yourself. Love your enemies. Kill your enemies. Blessed are the peacemakers. Blessed are … Continue reading Eastern skies. Western eyes.

Some thoughts about “really living” in a pandemic.

I have some thoughts about pandemic life. I thought I’d drop them here for you. These aren’t “thus saith the Lord” thoughts so please don’t take them that way. I don’t believe there are any experts yet in living through a pandemic. These are thoughts formed after 5 months of navigating this as a person, … Continue reading Some thoughts about “really living” in a pandemic.

Conspiracy theories among Christians

A close friend in our church texted me this question today amidst the whirlwind of conspiracy theories wildly blowing among believers on social media. "What are your thoughts towards the uproar of believers posting conspiracy type things online (especially today)? I feel overwhelmed by the amount of fear and disunity." This is the worst of … Continue reading Conspiracy theories among Christians