I have some thoughts about pandemic life. I thought I’d drop them here for you. These aren’t “thus saith the Lord” thoughts so please don’t take them that way. I don’t believe there are any experts yet in living through a pandemic. These are thoughts formed after 5 months of navigating this as a person, a husband and father, a leader of a significant church and school, and a Jesus loving pastor who loves all people and wants the best for them physically, spiritually and emotionally.

•We need to learn to really live while dealing with COVID 19. It’s not going anywhere for a while.

•I’m going to listen to God every morning in prayer and Bible reading. This is key to my spiritual and mental health and my leadership of family and church and school.

•Eating well and exercising is important for my physical and mental health.

•We need to gather as a church. We need to go to work. My kids need to go to school. I need friends. Total isolation isn’t best for most people. (It is for some)

•I’m going to mask in crowds or close quarters, wash my hands a lot, fist bump a lot, distance, and keep living life. These aren’t political issues for me. This is me modifying how I live so I can keep living in a healthy way for me and others.

•We are going to send our kids (2 in college 1 in junior high) to school and teach them to keep living with the above modifications.

•If we get sick we are going to stay home and alert the people who should be alerted.

•As a leader I’m going to stay out of the politics of things and make collaborative decisions based on the data we have and the guidance of God for the good of the people and the community I live, work, worship, and play among.

•I will reject unfounded conspiracy theories.

•I will pray for leaders at every level and in every sector.

•I’m not going to compare my leadership in this to other leaders. Context is king in this thing down to a very granular level.

•I’m going to walk in peace and hope. When I’m afraid I’ll admit it. When I’m angry I’ll process it. When I’m depressed I’ll tell someone.

•I’m going to pray for others and I’m going to ask others for prayer.

•I’m going to live this day and thank God for the provision He gives us in it.

•I’m going to prepare for tomorrow the best I can and then adjust as needed.

•We are going to help others at home and abroad because we are Jesus people.

•I’m going to broker hope and peace.

•We are going to learn deep things of God and experience His work in the world in profound ways in such a unique time.

•I’m going to uphold the biblical priorities of the Kingdom of Jesus and apply the gospel in real-time even if it’s painful to me.

•When the pandemic passes in year or two or three, we are going to tell our children and grandchildren the praise worthy deeds of the Lord and the wonders He has done.

That’s a lot. Sometimes I just need to get things out of my head and let you in it.

Truly, I Love you. Find a way to really live in this season.

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