Hey brother. I know. The day you became a father was the greatest and scariest moment of your life simultaneously. The journey since then has proven both emotions were absolutely inline with being a dad to your sons and/or daughters.

You’ve experienced mountain top, milestone moments when you felt like being a father is exactly what you are wired to do. You have also experienced moments of difficulty when you felt like an utter failure. You know what it is to be excited, proud, loved, and admired. You also know what it is to struggle, to wonder if you are going to be adequate, maybe even to blow it completely.

Stand firm in His grace.

Love. Protect. Provide. Demonstrate what it is to walk with Jesus. Offer the grace you require. Love their mama like crazy. Repent early and often. Take responsibility. Lead. Humble yourself. Serve. Be gentle. Be strong. Take it for the team.

Stand firm in His grace.

You and I will never be perfect fathers. In Christ, we know the perfect Father. I don’t love perfectly, protect perfectly, provide perfectly, walk with Jesus perfectly, offer grace perfectly, love their mom perfectly, etc., but Jesus does. Put their hand in his hand and…

Stand firm in His grace.

Happy Father’s Day.

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