Shalom Friends,

If at some point in the last 10 years, you walked the land of Israel with me, this post is for you. Leading people to experience the Text in context has been one of the greatest and most fruitful Kingdom opportunities God has entrusted to me. Thank you for the miles you walked, trusting me as your shepherd, all the while discovering the Eastern pictures that helped you know the Good Shepherd in a greater way. I pray the lessons we learned together continue to bear fruit unimaginable in your life, your family, and in your circles of influence.

Two Legacy Path Israel Experiences in the next 12 months:

Less Strenuous Experience – November 26-December 7, 2017 – for the first time, I will be leading an experience for people who want to experience the text in context including walking some of the land but not all of it. This trip will include similar teachings and sites as a regular more strenuous experience. Our method for getting to the sites will be much different. My hope is to take all of those who always wanted to go but never wanted intense hiking. This may be a once in a lifetime for me. Registration must be complete before August 23.

Strenuous Experience – June 2-13, 2018 – This is the trip I have been developing since 2006. It is strenuous because we believe it requires your head, heart, hands, and feet to “yada” or “know” the Text in context. Truly this is the experience of a lifetime. If you haven’t been with me in a long time you may consider a return trip. Much has been excavated since the earliest trips I led and I have grown in my understanding of the land and Scriptures. We have legacy path alumni return every year to do it again. Consider walking the Land and asking God what He has in store for you.


Ministry Leaders and Next Generation – each year we receive scholarships for ministry leaders as well students and young adults. There is not anything quiet as solidifying as discovering the pictures of the Bible and connecting with Jesus along the paths he walked. For ministry leaders this changes the way they think, teach and lead. For youth and young adults, this experience crystalizes their biblical worldview and launches them into a life lived with ears to hear and eyes to see the things God has for them. I don’t believe I know of a greater investment.

God’s Army – two years ago we started a ministry called God’s Army to raise funds to send veterans, their spouses, and gold star family members to Israel. We now have experience and understand that God has a way of bringing soul healing to men and women traumatized by battle and loss, along the ancient paths. This is an exciting ministry birthed from the radical conversion of a Marine named Joey Molis and his experience with Jesus in Israel on one of our tours.

If you would like to make an investment you can give online by clicking Once you are on the site click “give online.” On the giving type drop down select “other.” In the memo type “Israel Scholarship” if you want to invest in ministry leaders or next generation recipients. Type “Israel Scholarship/God’s Army” if you would like to invest in a veteran, veteran’s spouse, or Gold Star family member.

Of course you can always mail a check to: (Make sure you specify “Israel Scholarship”)

Bay Area Church
4800 W. Main Street
League City, Texas 77574
Attention: Indi Tumborang

Brothers and sisters, I hope our paths cross again sooner than later. I’m praying you will join us in the near future on one of our Legacy Path Israel Experiences. Until we see each other again, Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind, and… love your neighbor as yourself. Be like a living stone, set in an obvious place, that when people see your life, it points to God and tells of his wonderful grace. Throw your “stinkin'” rock so the whole world will know there’s a God. I will always love you.

Keep drinking!

Brian Haynes

One thought on “To All “Legacy Path Israel” Alumni – Keep Drinking!

  1. (Not for public comment)
    Please consider doing the not so strenuous trip again. We cannot do it this year but “Holyland tour with Brian” is on my bucket list. We are former Kingsland members (when you & Alex were there)


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