When pastors apply the Bible to politics people get angry. This presidential election season is particularly charged because “evangelicals” (is that even a word any more) are passionate about one candidate or another in a scenario where neither candidate is ideal. Not only is the nation divided but in this season, the church is on the issue of how to cast a vote that reflects a biblical worldview. Most of my pastoral peers have chosen to steer clear of all of this exercising silence as a form of wisdom. They were probably right.

I chose a different route believing that the confusing choices of the 2016 presidential election deserved to be sifted through the crucible of Scripture. To that end, I have one thing left to say before election day. I think electing Hillary Clinton as President of the United States is both likely and imprudent.

I think it is likely for many reasons but primarily because of the effect of the Electoral College. A popular vote election might actually turn Mr. Trump’s way but the Electoral College will probably hand a victory to Hillary Clinton.

Electing Hillary Clinton is not only likely but it is imprudent. I would cite two general reasons for forming such a conclusion: her character and her policies.

I have no doubt that politics at the highest level is a dog eat dog scenario. I still believe we have to look at moral character when we are choosing a president. I know. No one is perfect. And yes, presidents in the past have been immoral. But, my responsibility is to cast a wise vote in 2016. Even exercising a little discernment reveals lies and corruption in Hillary’s wake. The most recent and disturbing examples to me are the private email server debacle and the apparent attempts to incite riots at Trump rallies. If the wikileak emails are even partially true, then we have a real problem in the integrity arena. I could go on and on here but there would be no point. You either agree with me and have already exhausted this conversation or you think that I am drinking the Kool-aid of conservative propaganda.

Perhaps the more catalytic and imprudent matters are the positions Clinton demonstrates on the following issues:

Economy, Religious Liberty, Marriage and Family, Foreign Policy, and Life.

While there are some good position statements in the democratic platform in my opinion (Environment, eliminate racism, etc.), some of the positions are in direct opposition to the Scriptures. Consequently as a voter, I deem these positions unwise for the Nation to embrace. Read the Democratic Platform here and see for yourself.

You should know, I don’t consider myself a straight ticket voter. I try to assess each candidate in every election through the lens of Scripture. I cast a vote for the candidate whose moral character and whose policies most reflect an alignment with the Scriptures to the best of my understanding. This is why I won’t be voting for Hillary Clinton.

Likely, I have now offended anyone else who was not already offended by my previous attempts at applying a biblical worldview to the presidential election. That is regrettable. I wish we had a better way to dialogue. In any case, I am praying for you and for me as we cast votes in the next few days. Pray, seek God, and vote your conscience. That’s really all we can do. This is the extent of our responsibility.

As for the next President of the United States, whoever you are, I pray this this Psalm over you today and I commit to praying for you every day that you are in office.

Now therefore, O kings, be wise; be warned O rulers of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish in the way, for his wrath is quickly kindled. Blessed are all those who take refuge in him.” (Psalm 2:10-12)

14 thoughts on “One more thought on the 2016 Presidential Election

  1. Thank you for posting this. I do want to point out that I believe the accusation that HRC paid people to incite riots at Trump rallies was debunked. I think it’s important for people to understand that as they decide who will receive their vote.

    I would like to share an article that I stumbled across recently. The links contained throughout the article are as important as the article itself. I know I personally have been guilty of having a very one-sided view of HRC, and I wanted to have a more balanced perspective leading up to Election Day. (You may already know all this information. )


    No matter what I’ve read in recent days, I still have a lot of concerns. And I still have no idea what I’m going to do on the 8th. (No early voting for me…I need every extra day I can get to keep working through this!)

    I’m thankful for your prayers as we keep praying for guidance these last few days. And you are in ours, as well.


  2. Pastor Brian,

    I know you are speaking with heart and also sadness that the choices aren’t more godly candidates. My choice is also Trump for the reasons you state. We essentially have 3 choices, Trump, Clinton, or don’t vote. My conscience will be clear knowing I did my civic duty and I voted against abortion.


      1. Right, this was my original thought…write in, then I believe the Holy Spirit directed me to vote for the unborn, not necessarily a candidate per se. The last debate broke my heart, listening to Hilary’s straightforwardness in upholding Roe Vs Wade, partial birth abortion, and so on. Thus, I plan to vote for Trump. As a country, we are going to reap what we’ve sewn. And as a grandmother of six, I will continue to intentionally lift up Jesus and pass down my faith with passion. Thanks for your brave stance and conversation. I’m married to a holiness pastor, so I totally understand the enemy’s tactics. Praying….


  3. Brian,

    Thanks for your articles (this one and the prior one). I have routinely broken my rule this year not to engage in politics online – mainly because I find this coming election to be the most difficult vote I will have to cast since i started voting 20 (something) years ago. In short, my goal has been to try to get people out of their trenches and actually engaging in real conversation and thinking rather than reacting – voting for something instead of reacting to something. In the process, I have been labeled (explicitly and implicitly) an evangelical crony (similar to one comment above), a blind republican, a “vote waster,” a liberal, a non-Christian who supports a candidate who advocates genocide (this one comes from both sides depending on whether you are talking about babies or foreigners), a hate monger, and the list goes on and on. All of this, mind you, without ever voicing an opinion directly on how I would cast my vote. I think the most interesting thing was that any dissent from the “party line” was automatically assumed to be consent for the “other guy” which led to an instant attack. My biggest fear, for our country generally, and for the church in particular, is that we have largely given up trying to objectively think through why we are going to do something and immediately jump to a position of defensiveness and attacking anyone who disagrees with us (the same thing, mind you, that we would accuse those outside the faith of doing to us). Thank you not only for these articles but for modeling what a thoughtful (and gracious) consideration of both the issues and candidates look like.


    1. That’s kind Wayne. Thank you. Your observations are true and I’m sorry you got “whacked” for expressing your views and asking questions. That’s the world we are in these days. Keep on!


  4. I am not offended because as Christians, no matter which party we vote for our identity should be in Christ and Christ Alone, period and should vote accordingly. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Wow, amazing lack of response to a candidate whose lack of morals in his personal life and vicious character attacks on those who oppose him, particularly minorities (hate crimes against our Muslim neighbors have been on the rise ever since he began his campaign with clear ties to his overblown rhetoric) make him the most unsuitable candidate that Christians have ever had to vote for. You are magnifying Hillary’s issues (particularly her “lies” related to the email server as though this were actually a major issue for our country) while not even mentioning the lies of a man who has been accused of doing what he bragged about doing – sexually assaulting women with no real apologies for either saying it or doing it).

    It might have been better for you to have remained silent. You have just negated any moral authority you might have been claiming for yourself with this moral white wash. Evangelicals in general are being stained by their association with this man. We may never recover.


    1. Although it hurts me, very deeply, jhubers, I must agree with you. Wow! The SBC can still rein in the good ones. So sad. Not angry as much as hurt. Oh well. Put not your faith in man. Love you Brian. Now go to your room.


  6. I couldn’t agree with you more! Killing babies and being above the law are two things that simply would not be good for anyone who will be electing Supreme Court judges and making policies for all of us. Praying God will help lead Christians to vote with God’s laws in mind.


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