…and why we think you should read it.

This week (April 26 to be exact) our new book on parenting teens releases. During a crazy season of our life we chose to make time to write what we consider to be a concise but crucial book for people who are or will be parenting teenagers. Here are five simple reasons we decided the book was important enough to write.

We have a burden – As we are parenting teens we are also around a ton of others who parent teens. The levels of frustration, dissatisfaction, and disconnectedness in the parent/teen relationship seems to be through the roof. We have a burden to see parents relentlessly pursue a heart connection with their teenagers that supersedes circumstances and situations. We know there can be real contentment and joy in parenting teens and we want to see others experience just that.

We want to be realistic – Parenting is hard. Parenting teenagers is harder. For many of us, these uncharted waters cause us to disconnect and maybe even give up to a degree. Guess what? We’ve written the books, spoken at the conferences, created the “perfect plan” and applied it, and it’s still a broken mess covered in the grace of Jesus. We want to be real with you, the reader, so that you might have wisdom for real family life with teenagers.

We want to encourage – Friend, you are not alone in this. We understand and we want to help. We are constantly encouraged by other parents who have gone before us and we want to be just that for you. Nope, we aren’t perfect. We have definitely messed it up from time to time, but some how God is faithful in our desire to be relentless as parents. We want to encourage you to keep going, to lean in and not recluse. You will be amazed at how loving like that speaks to your teen. You can do this!

We have learned some things that are working practically – We have learned some principles that we think will help you answer the question, “How do I parent for heart connection with my teen?” We don’t have all the answers but we do have a few. Let us put some tools in your “parenting teens toolbox” so to speak.

We think parenting is crucial for the discipleship of the next generation – We can’t get away from God’s design for the spiritual formation of the youngest generation. Home is vital in this regard, especially in the teen years. Our relentless efforts during the teen years will pay off in the form of spiritual fruit in the next generation.

For more information or to purchase the book visit our partners at D6 or Amazon.com. We hope you will find the book encouraging, inspiring, and practically equipping.



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