About a month ago I began studying the book of a Ezekiel for a series I am preaching at our church called “Signs of the Times.” Many people have spiritual questions about what is going on in the world today and how such events, movements, and news headlines might spiritually signal the end of things as we know it and the dawn of a different day. As I study, I have more questions than answers about signs of the times but the truth about God is emerging with crystal clarity.

Today, on National Day of Prayer, as I am constantly praying for the United States of America, God made me aware of a truth that is relevant to Ezekiel’s original readers and that is unchanging for 21st century Americans.

It is obvious that God is primarily concerned about the glory of His name and less concerned about the glory of a nation. The destruction or restoration, the curse or blessing, of a nation filled with God’s covenant people depends solely on what brings the most glory to His name. (Ezekiel 36). He keeps His promises.

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