Even a little sin requires the death penalty in God’s economy. Discover how Jesus, who knew know sin, became sin (leaven) and took the penalty of sin for you. If you are worried about how God will judge your sin, discover the good news that Jesus paid the ultimate price to remove the sin from your life and set you free. (Part 2 of 3 in the Passed Over Series)

One thought on “Jesus and Unleavened Bread: He Removes Your Sin

  1. God has been teaching me much since the beginning of this year on the ‘pictures’ in scripture that point to Jesus. It has been an awesome journey and helped me to deepen my understanding of everything that happened. That being said, when you talked about the unleavened bread and that picture of Jesus being put outside the city just as the Jews would get out all leaven.. it was pretty amazing. I hope that I never stop learning these things!! Also, my son was with us that night and I’ve never seen him pay attention the way he did then. When we left he said he felt different… that when you were talking and when we were singing he just felt like he knew he was saved. Amen!!


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