This weekend I will be preaching Luke 11:1-13 at Bay Area as part of our study of the gospel of Luke. I will be answering the question the original disciples asked their Rabbi Jesus. How should we pray? Jesus gives them a prayer pattern based on the Kaddish and the Amidah of ancient Judaism.  The pattern recorded in Luke 11:1-4 is simple but profound.

Intimate Worship (Father, Sanctified be Your Name) (Luke 11:2)

Pray the Names of God as worship:

El Elyon = the Most High

El Olam = Everlasting God

El Shaddai –The Almighty God

YHWH Jireh= The Lord Provides

YHWH Nissi = The Lord is My Banner

YHWH Shalom = The Lord is Peace

YHWH Roi = The Lord is Shepherd

YHWH Tsidekenu = The Lord Is our Righteousness

Qadosh Israel = The Holy One of Israel

Lift Up The King and His Kingdom (Luke 11:2)

Pray concentric circles starting with you


Your family

Your Small Group

Your Church

Your Neighborhood, Community, Workplace

Your Nation

The World

Cry Out in Daily Dependence (Luke 11:3-4)

Physically (Our Daily Bread)

Thank Him for His provision yesterday and ask him for it today

Spiritually (Forgiveness and Forgiving others, protection)

Confess your specific sins

Pray, forgiving others

Lead me not into temptation

Deliver me from the Evil One

Pray on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-17)

Join me and the community of faith at Bay Area in praying this way for 7 days beginning October 28. Journal the ways the Lord answers your prayers in that timeframe. Comment here so we can all be encouraged by how God is working. Take the 7-Day prayer challenge October 28 – November 4. I bet this will change your prayer life forever.

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