This past weekend I preached a sermon called “Life is a Gospel Issue.”  You can watch or listen to the sermon here on our website at As you can imagine the practice of applying a biblical worldview to the issue of abortion is not always as black and white as we would like. I do not think the Bible makes room for abortion in any case but I have compassion and understanding for parents who have found themselves struggling to make difficult decisions about life and death.

This week I heard from my friend Lynette who let me in on her own pain and struggle as mother once faced with horror.  I am amazed at her depth of transparency and her perspective as a Christ-follower who is also post abortive.  Lynette says,

“We were told that if there was such a thing as “just medical cause” to validate the termination of a life, our case was it.  From their professional perspectives, termination was a viable and acceptable option.  They tried to reassure us that no one would condemn or judge us if we chose this path.

Greg and I were numb—at a loss and didn’t know what to do.”

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