Several weeks ago in our evening worship service I taught the value of “Family.”  You can watch or listen to the entire message with the question and answer session at

In that teaching I made two distinct points.  First, the church must equip and empower the family to be the primary faith influence on the next generation.  Secondly, the church must understand Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and Matthew 28:18-20 as a path of discipleship that involves both the church and the home.  Believing that the family is an important vehicle for spiritual formation will cause us to do some things differently in our ministry practice.  One of those things is the application of Sabbath principles.

In the 10 commandments, God gives us a set of loving guidelines to help us live life in a way that is best according to God’s plan for His children.  One of those commands is, “remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.”(Exodus 20:8)

The principle behind the Sabbath is simple.  There should be one day each week reserved for…

1)        Worship and gathering together

2)        Family time and celebration around the table

3)        Rest from our labor and renewal of our minds and hearts.

As the pastor of Bay Area it is my understanding of God’s will for us that we continue in the practice of these principles for your personal well being and for family faith formation.

To that end, I explained (in the “values” sermon series) my desire to lead us toward a Sunday experience that engages us in worship and gathering together, family time and celebration around the table, rest from our labor and the refreshing of our souls.

Currently we have programing at church on Sundays beginning as early as 7:15 AM and continuing through 7:30 PM with a three hour break, if you are involved in all of it.

Beginning May 29, pending a minor amendment to our bi-laws on April 17, we will discontinue our Sunday evening programming.  I see this as a huge opportunity for all of us to embrace Sabbath principles and to grow as people and families.

In the days ahead, you will see that our programming on Wednesday evenings will be enhanced to include kids music programming and AWANA, 518, adult midweek worship and prayer, as well as band and choir.  If you have enjoyed our Sunday evening format, you will experience the same kind of teaching and worship on Wednesday evening.  More to come on that but rest assured, we are excited about how Wednesday will change to be more conducive for all generations. The new Wednesday night format will begin in August.

I am truly excited to lead you toward making disciples of all nations and all generations so that lives are changed for the glory of God.

Pastor Brian

6 thoughts on “Embracing Sabbath Principles @ Bay Area

  1. that is so awesome. We took keep the Sabbath day; however, upon looking it up in the dictionary. Sabbath is Saturday. Just a thought.


      1. But isn’t the principle and the actual day just as important? The commandment states, “Remember the Sabbath day AND keep it holy” Doesn’t that mean how we worship and when we worship ? From everything I read in the new testament Jesus kept the sabbath and after His death and resection it reads that the disciples still kept the sabbath (Saturday). When God reveals Truth to us and we choose not to listen are we then not in danger of not Being in His perfect will for us?


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