Merry Christmas from the Haynes Family- Brian, Angela, Hailey, Madelyn and Eden!

Merry Christmas from Nassau Bay, Texas south of Houston and across from the Johnson Space Center. We made a Christmas move from our home in Katy and our ministry at Kingsland Baptist Church to a new “old” home and to Bay Area First Baptist Church in League City. Needless to say, this is our best effort at Christmas cards this year.  Let me give you a short recap of our “very eventful” year.

Hailey, Madelyn, and Eden are doing very well.  Hailey began middle school this year in Katy and is turning into a beautiful young lady before my very eyes.  She played a lot of soccer this year, jumped into youth ministry at church, and did great in school.  Since the move she is making friends quickly and is excited to start at Bay Area Christian School on January 4.

Madelyn is also doing great though she had  challenging year physically.  Madelyn had a fairly extensive surgery this year to remove a benign tumor from the parotid gland and facial nerve on the right side of her face.  She went through the emotions of “is it cancer or not?” and “will my face droop” after the surgery.  Praising God that it was not cancer and you can see Madelyn’s smile in the picture.  She is loving her new home and church and excited to start a new school. Whew!

Eden is three and hilarious.  She has the words of a 7 year old and the body of a small 3 year old. She is a delight to everyone she meets.  She is adjusting well to a new room though she often ends up in one of her big sister’s bed before morning. She already thinks she is smarter than me. She might be right.

Angela is amazing.  If you know her you know that goes without saying.  She has been a rock this year and somehow manages to organize  family and constantly minister to others. She is excited to be back in Nassau Bay (we lived here 8 years ago).  She has put her decorating talents to use on a 44 year old home.  It has turned out beautifully and is certainly a refuge for all of us.  Angela is already serving in Kids Ministry on Sunday morning at Bay Area. She consistently serves and gives, expecting nothing in return.  She is a cherished by all in our home.

I am adjusting to a new church and a new level of leadership.  I bless God for the opportunity and I am excited to serve such a loving congregation. God has amazing things in store for Bay Area and I am excited to live that journey one day at a time.  I finished writing another book this year called “The Legacy Path: Discover Intentional Spiritual Parenting.” It will be published and released by Randall House in July of 2011 and is written to parents from a parent.  I am excited that God continues to use our family as a small part of His movement to connect the church and family to equip the next generation. Truly a blessing to be a part.

One thing I have learned this year.  In the great, the mundane, the horrifying, and the difficult things of life, God is Sovereign… over all of it.  He is good in each of those places and He is with us as Isaiah 7:14 reminds us.

Merry Christmas from all of us!  May God guide your steps in 2011 and may you hear His voice clearly.

We love you all!

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