Question: What church supports or other special considerations might be given for single parents? Or for students whose parents are not believers?

Single parents face an enormous burden, parenting children alone. Sometimes single parents feel as if they cannot lead their children spiritually. This is not the case. A single parent is a primary faith trainer just as much as married parent. We choose to integrate single parents into the equipping strategy of the church not differentiating because of their marital status. Understanding that single parents face unique issues a seminar entitled, “Walking the Path as A Single Parent” is offered twice a year supporting g single parents.

Students whose parents do not lead them spiritually really find the church taking the primary role in their spiritual development. The youth ministry works diligently to discover student who have little or zero faith influence at home.  Then Sunday school teachers, life group leaders, or small group leaders in the student ministry build relationships with said teenagers leading them along the path of legacy milestones.  Though the situation is not ideal, the bride of Christ steps in beautifully for the family as the primary faith influence of students with pagan parents.

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