As of Today, March 22, 2oo9, I have more questions than answers…

As the health care reform legislation passes the House and heads to the Senate for debate I have more questions than answers. So far, the sky has not fallen but some pretty significant issues are on the table. Let me say on the upfront that I am generally against a federally mandated healthcare system. I am not a fan of big government and I am from Texas so… you get the point.

That being said, not every Christian shares my political perspective. I think however if you are a Christ-follower and believe in the authority of the Scriptures there are some significant issues to wrestle with. I can only hypothesize and do not yet feel like I have enough information to answer the following questions.

  • Will the final version of the Health Care bill provide federal funds for any type of abortion? I am getting conflicting information on this issue.  I clearly understand the Scripture speaks to God as the giver of life beginning in the womb. (Psalm 139:13-17).  What I do not yet understand is if this legislation in its final form will provide funds for abortion. Today I have read reports on both sides of the issue.  Some say President Obama has agreed to sign a version of the bill stipulating no federal dollars can be used for abortion.  Others claim the bill the house passed did not necessarily convey this. What is the answer?
  • Will the resulting Health Care System value life or prioritize it based on age? Another life issue that we must deal with is whether or not procedures for older Americans will be less of a priority in a semi-socialized healthcare system. Will younger patients receive better access to care than seniors simply because of the days of life already lived. Many say this will be true.  Others claim it will not.  I wonder.

If one or both of these scenarios plays out practically de-valuing God given life then might I suggest we have a huge problem. At that point America the blessed will take one more giant step away from its Blesser. I am reminded of Romans 1. As with Rome one day God may choose to let America have its own way and then we will be ruined.

One other issue worth mentioning whether your embrace the authority of the Bible or not. Is it really constitutional for the federal government to require individual Americans to purchase Health Insurance if they do not want it? This one is obviously going to play out in the courts.  I am just wondering if under our constitution President Obama can really force you to buy something?

Here is what I do know. No matter how this plays out Jesus, the King of Kings, is on the throne that matters. If American government and culture embraces darkness the True Light will shine brighter. The light is always brighter in the dark. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” –John 8:12

More to come…

6 thoughts on “Obama Care and Christianity

  1. I tend to agree with both sides. There are many valid points concerning the actual legislation and the every day life we as Christ followers should seek to live. If there’s one thing Christ has taught me about life, it’s that you should always be balanced to be in God’s will. While no matter what we should seek to live every day to love unconditionally those God puts in our path, we must also not ignore the voice that God has given us under the authority of our government to make our Biblical voice heard. When you focus on the big picture, you neglect the intricate details that God has authored so beautifully, and if you focus on the details, you never get to see the BIG picture that makes all the small things so valuable. I believe our biggest struggle is keeping these two things in proper perspective. We must remember that God directs the hearts of kings…and has the authority to harden their hearts toward him. Even so, as individuals we MUST know that our responsibility is to be responsible with the knowledge and wisdom we have been given by Christ through our personal relationship with Him. As long as each of us focus on submitting to Christ’s will for us, in everything, we as individuals will have peace with whatever the outcome may be.


  2. Seems to me there are just too many areas of questions to be able to say without reservation that Jesus would want me to be for or against this bill (or any other for that matter). As for me, I do have an opinion. My opinion is that the level of pure anger, fear, hate and general vitriol coming from a large number of practitioners of the religion of christianity is just horrendously sad. The threads on FB that I saw are just teeming with tone that I could never imagine making Jesus anything but sad for us. And the dressing down and bible bashing I received from “brothers and sisters” for suggesting that maybe this isn’t the end of the world and maybe since we live in a civil (sort of) society and maybe since there are many “least of these” that don’t have the same kind of access to care that many of us have; that maybe trying to bring them into the system isn’t such a bad thing, was really dis-heartening.

    I don’t really see an example from Jesus that what He wants from us is to create a culture in His image. Or that Father needs us to “take back the culture and government” for Him. I feel that some folks spend so much time and money and effort on politics and the practicing of the religion of christianity, that they miss the opportunities to just love without conditions the people in front of them today. And to have the time to ask Father, “what can I do today to love the people whose paths I cross today?” It does seem that there is a book full of examples of Jesus doing that.

    I hope not to start a flame war here too. I’ll go away now.


    1. Kirk,

      You are a blessing! The only thing I would add is a clear sense of Biblical precedent related to cultures, societies, governments, and kings that “do what is right in their own eyes.” Usually in those cases they get what they hoped for. Thanks for the reminder to love like Jesus.




  3. Great post and I totally agree with what you have written. I too have way to man unanswered questions and I fear that we are in for some serious trouble. This provides even more urgency to the church being the CHURCH and standing up and helping our families live and think Biblical.
    I am so glad that I have a hope beyond that will not be corrupted by some politician.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am praying!


  4. Many of the items I read in the original several months ago did seem to , as you said, value life and prioritize it based on age. This has been a big concern of mine as our population (OK, my friends,) gets older, but especially as I watch my parents and mother-in-law. As their health deteriorates, it brings up many questions of concern for me.

    I am against abortion, but I think too much emphasis was placed on the “anti-abortion” end of this bill and not enough given to the other end of the life span.

    All we can do now is what we’ve done all along – PRAY (and vote in Nov.)


  5. Brian, I too struggle with how this decision will affect me, my family, my faith, and even my church. Our pastor says that this seems to put America on the track out of the end times scripture. In other words we are no longer a player in the end time prophecy and this is the beginning of that prophecy. We are on the road to being consumed by the world view culture that could eventually make the US obsolete. I do know that God is in control but I believe that He will allow us to go through so hard times ahead because we, as a culture and nation have turned our back on His precepts.


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