You may know that I am the father of 3 daughters. Lately, when I look into their smiling dark eyes, I can not stop thinking of little girls in India whose dark eyes don’t smile at all.  Instead looking into their eyes is like looking into a black hole that spews hopelessness.  A cruel world filled with evil steals the innocence of young girls and tramples their sense of worth and value under the feet of perverse men.  Call it what you will… human trafficking, sex slavery, or whatever.  The reality is, a little girl wired a lot like my daughters, is naked, cold, abused, and hopeless.  She needs saving. She deserves rescue.  We must demand justice.

But what can I do?

Last Sunday night in our family faith talk, we used the “JUST CHANGE” family devotion guide and taught our girls in an age appropriate way about the injustice in India and Houston for that matter.  We learned that God is a God of justice and He uses us as his hands and feet to bring justice to little girls in desperation. We told them about Kingsland’s safehouse and how we can really help.  “What can we do?” they asked.

We showed them our “JUST CHANGE” bank and encouraged them to bring their change to our family faith talk each week. By giving a little they are helping to provide for the safety of young girls in need of security. We prayed for the girls in India and asked God to use us to help them.

Soon, the “JUST CHANGE” bank will be full.  We will take the money to church and it will go directly to India to rescue little girls.  It seems like a little thing until I look into the eyes of my daughters. I can’t imagine them in that situation.  Let’s do something to provide the justice of the Father for little girls in need of ABBA.

Use the “JUST CHANGE” faith talk with your family and collect “JUST CHANGE.” Bring it in each month and then start over again.  Pick up your copy of the faith talk and your “JUST CHANGE” bank for free in the Legacy Resource Center at Kingsland this Sunday.

For more information on how Kingsland is assisting with justice issues visit

One thought on “I Can’t Get Them Out of My Mind

  1. I love that we are doing this “Just Change” to help those precious children! I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through or how anyone could do such a thing to a child. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help.


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