This may be the shortest post I have ever written.  At the same time it is really important so listen up.

Last week my wife began teaching a class for our church based on Vicki Courtney’s material “5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter.” As Angela prepared she came across a quote that has impacted me and given me hope as a parent.  This is the quote to the best of my memory.

“We are imperfect people living in an imperfect world raising imperfect children.  How could we even begin to expect perfection?”

So… parent with intentionality but let yourself off the perfection hook.  Have a plan but expect to to fail sometimes. Have the faith talks, catch the God moments, and celebrate the milestones but don’t demand perfection. Afterall even the Perfect Father has imperfect kids.

One thought on “Embrace Imperfection

  1. Thanks… I needed that reminder. I have great kids and sometimes I forget that when I see their imperfections. Its amazing how blind I can be to my on problems and imperfections…


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