Along the path of legacy milestones we recommend that parents lead an intentional Faith Talk with their families at least one time per week. Faith Talks or Family Devotions, are an important aspect of training our children spiritually whether they are 5 of 15. I know based on recent surveys of parents at Kingsland, that it is much easier to celebrate Milestones and capture God Moments than it is to be consistent with effective Faith Talks.

Consider this. Faith Talks provide you as a parent, a formal platform to teach your children the Bible.  If your are walking the path of Legacy Milestones with your family then you likely understand that the Faith Talks give us the opportunities we need each week to teach our children the core competencies leading up to the next Milestone.  Really, celebrating Milestones without teaching your children truth in the context of Faith Talks is a bit of a facade.  Sure, we teach them those same truths on campus at Kingsland, but you are the primary faith influencer.  Commit to a weekly Faith Talk with your family intentionally leading your children toward the next milestone.

Here are some ways we can help you get started…

  • Table Talk– Every week Pastor Alex writes a short Faith Talk based on his sermon called “Table Talk.” You will find it in your worship guide that you get when you come in the doors of the Worship Center. This is an entry level way for you to build the discipline of weekly Faith Talks in your home. If you currently don’t have Faith Talks, start here. If you hear the sermon you will be prepared to lead a biblical discussion with your family this week.
  • Adult Bible Fellowship- If you attend ABF (Sunday School) your teacher has a family devotion available for you based on the lesson you learn in your small group. They should hand it out to you. If they don’t ask for it. These devotions are customized generally to your season of life and the ages of your children. This is a great next step.
  • Legacy Resource Center– You are the primary faith trainer. You decide what your family needs. You can visit the Legacy Resource Center on our campus. All of the resources are organized by milestones. Determine which milestones your children may be headed toward then choose Faith Talk resources that cover the necessary core competencies. The resource center volunteers will be able to help you determine where your family is along the path of Legacy Milestones if you are not sure yet. Ask to see our “Chart Your Course” brochure to find your place along the path. Then jump into effective Faith Talks.

As always we are eager to teach you how to effectively lead Faith Talks in your home. Our next Parent Summit is September 26. Be sure and sign up for the seminar called, “Leading Faith Talks and Maximizing God Moments.” Click here for more information or to register now for Parent Summit.

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