Yesterday’s memorial service for Michael Jackson was amazing in a sense. Literally millions of people gathered in LA or watched on TV or online as the “king of pop” was carried in lying in a golden casket. In a perfect reflection of our culture, Christian music started the event followed by MJ originals and a speech by Brooke Shields calling on us to all smile as Michael sits in the sky with his feet dangling from a crescent moon. All the while images of Michael with light bursting from behind him, arms stretched wide, were displayed for all to see. It was more than a memorial service. It was a pluralistic spiritual experience deemed the most important event in the world on that day.

People hunger for spiritual experience. We saw clear evidence of that yesterday. My heart burned with sorrow as I watched a hopeless world turn its spiritual energy to an icon, an idol, a dead man. At the same time I saw Kingdom opportunity. When people are hungry for the spiritual, Jesus, the King of Kings, is on the move so to speak.

We need Spiritual Awakening in America. The kind of awakening where people confess their sins, turn away from them, and turn toward the one true God in fear, humility, love, and worship. What will it take to see this happen in our country?

It begins with me and you. As Christ-followers we must throw off our compartmentalized, apathetic version of Christianity which only waters down the truth and dissuades spiritual seekers. Luke 9:23 clearly teaches us that anyone who follows Christ must, “deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” Together we must repent of keeping part of life for ourselves.  We must repent of living a form of Christianity that is boring and predictable and unattractive in a spiritual culture. We must repent of avoiding conflict and lacking compassion. We must reconnect with a passion for obedience. We must put away our critical spirit and instead offer the one thing Jesus has that everyone wants: LOVE.  Instead of worrying we should pray, begging Jesus to sweep across the face of America changing lives by the truth of his Word and the power of his Spirit.  Awakening is birthed in the heart of the believer and carried out by the power of Jesus.

Awakening involves the Family. Awakening is never a planned event. If we are to experience a spiritual awakening in America it will not be in the form of tent revivals or packed stadiums at first. Instead it will begin in the place that God designed for generational spiritual formation. It will begin in the home. When parents awaken to the importance of teaching the next generation the fear of the Lord, the love of the Lord, the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, a renewed spiritual legacy will ripple into the generations according to Dt.6-7, Psalm 78, Eph. 6:4 and others. When parents demonstrate an authentic life in Christ daily in front of their children, a generation will rise up that walks according to a biblical worldview. This is a key component of spiritual awakening. I think the greatest awakening America has ever experienced is yet to come. I think it is a grass roots movement flowing from the family table, the living room, and the paths of every day life.

The Church opens it arms to those who Awaken. A day is coming in America when people will gather in community with a renewed passion for Jesus Christ that goes beyond the mundane to missional living. When spiritual awakening comes, the church must already be working the Matthew 22 and Matthew 28 principles of loving God, loving people, and serving the world. I believe spiritual awakening in America will come as we are humbled.  Sometimes humility is a result of need and dependence. Will the church as the tangible representation of Jesus Christ be ready to meet needs in Jesus name in order to share the truth of the Gospel? I don’t know about you, but I see God preparing churches across the country for just this task. More and more churches are reaching out to the homeless, helpless, orphans and widows, victims of human trafficking, the hurting, and yes, even the rich young ruler who is in the process of realizing his dependence. More and more the church is equipping and encouraging the family to take the lead in the spiritual training of the next generation. More and more the church is burning bright as the culture becomes darker.  In the darkest places, the light burns very bright. I pray the Lord is posturing the church for a great spiritual awakening in America that changes our culture forever.

One thought on “Spiritual Awakening in America: What will it take?

  1. Brian, I understand what you are saying above. What baffles me is how one person Madeline Murray O’hare led such a strong anti-Jesus message and people bought into it. The movement have ruined our public educataion system as God is not allowed to be spoken about. It seems the schools are doing everything they can to promote the evolution theory and anything that might resemble God. I don’t understand how parents can keep shoving their kids out the door to attend public education where anything you tried to teach them about Jesus is denied. Just as Mrs O’hare was outspoken for her cause why aren’t Christians pulling together as one and fighting for our Lord to be acknowledged in school and in the public arena. You mentioned in your blog about carring our cross, I feel we have become to complacient in our Christianity to fight for it. I know their are individuals out there trying to fight the good fight but there are so many of us sitting on the sidelines watching those few work hard.

    Maybe Mrs. O’hare was successful because all the aethiest gathered behind her as it was one idea – No God. Maybe we as Christians get to caught up in being Baptist, Lutherans, Methodists etc. and our brand of Christianity to unite and fight the good fight.

    In my daily readings I am working my way through Ezekiel and see what the Lord was tell him about the society and how the Lord was distressed and I wonder how much longer He will put up with us. Maybe this country has to go through so much pain and agony before we have the spiritual awakening you write about in your blog.

    Sorry this was so long but this has been on my mind for some time now.

    Thanks for what you are doing to serve the Lord and the family at Kingsland.


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