When I was 15 I moved from Brentwood, Tennessee to Katy, Texas. Besides noting the flat landscape and the humid climate change, I noticed a beautiful girl in my homeroom class named Angela. I noticed her first because she is beautiful but when I got to know her I was hooked. There was only one problem… I was 15.  What do you do when you meet your wife when your 15? To make a long story short we got married 2 weeks after graduating from college and we have never looked back.

3 houses and 3 kids later we have been married 14 years. We have seen “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health” up close and personal. I love and appreciate so much about Angie but lately I have been thinking a lot about her motherhood. I think her “motherhood” is a selfless act of worship to our God that will ripple into the generations.

She is the first one up every morning. She puts others ahead of herself.  She makes the lunches, washes the clothes, cooks dinner, helps with homework, cleans the house, gives baths, fixes hair, picks clothes, volunteers at school, plays games with the girls and on and on.  More importantly she seeks to understand.  She amazingly understands the jibberish of a 2 year old, empathizes with the middle child, and comforts the oldest. She is a nurse, a doctor, a therapist, an accountant, a life coach, an advocate, and a disciple maker. In our family, she is very important!

Here is what I know:  In 2006 my wife was on strict bed rest  for almost 5 months. For that period of time I tried to fill her shoes. Let me emphasize the word “tried.” I can tell you this for certain. Being a pastor, as difficult as it can be, is not near as stretching as being a mom.

Angie, for lots of other reasons besides your “motherhood” I love you. Mostly because you are you. When I think of your motherhood though, it makes me tear up. I know your sacrifice and I love that you offer it with joy. Thankyou! Thank you! Thank you! We are blessed by you. Not only do Hailey, Madelyn, and Eden reap the rewards of your efforts but our grandkids will be who they are largely because of how you invest in our daughters.  

The “mom thing” is an act of worship, rippling into the generations!  Happy Mother’s Day Pal!

One thought on “To My Wife on Mother’s Day

  1. Hello Bryan, What a treasure you are to recognize your wife as such a blessing!! What an answet to prayers that your family is healthy!! You and your family are an inspiration to this community. I thank you both for all you do!! THank you!! THank you!! THank you!!! For all that you do!! May God continue to bless you!! Daneen Boyett


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