Can we trust parents to disciple their own children?  This is a legitimate question when you consider many parents are not disciples of Jesus themselves.

I will never forget it.  Five years ago our staff met to discuss our church’s practice of discipleship in light of Deuteronomy 6:4-9.  I read the passage to my team. “These commands I give to you today are to be upon your hearts.  Impress them on your children.  Talk about them when you sit at home, when you walk along the road, when you lie down, and when you get up.”  I closed the Bible and said, “Do we trust parents to be the primary faith trainers of the next generation?”  One of my guys said with a red face, “We can’t trust parents to disciple their kids!”  As much as I believed the Scripture, I knew where he was coming from.  How can you make disciples if you are not one?

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the strategic path of legacy milestones is Milestone 7: Life in Christ.  You see a church that values the family as a important vehicle for leading children spiritually must major on equipping adults for the road ahead.  Adult ministry is the secret weapon in the quest to develop parents who disciple their own children.  Here is Milestone 7 in a nutshell.

Milestone 7 is called “Life in Christ” because the first 6 milestones spanning the years of 0-18 are all designed to prepare adults to experience life in Christ. Our desire is to develop adults who make decisions based on the worldview of the Bible in every aspect of life.  In many ways, milestones 1-6 build a foundation for life in Christ as an adult.  

Milestone 7 spans the life seasons of young single adulthood to senior adulthood or ages 18 to heaven.  Milestone 7 is for singles, young marrieds, parents with children and teens, empty nesters, grandparents, and senior adults.  No matter who you are, as a Christ follower, you are daily pursuing “Life in Christ.”

7 Core Competencies:

Milestone 7 consists of seven core competencies that every adult should constantly practice and aspire to as people living “Life in Christ”

1) Prayer

2) Scripture

3) Authentic Faith

4) Obedient Follower

5) Disciple-maker

6) Giving/Serving

7) Community

At Kingsland we use our Bible Study Ministry (Adult Bible Fellowships) to teach the Scriptural truth related to each core competency.  Our expectation is that our adults will practice the very words of God. We offer environments for adults to develop in each of these areas. Think of it this way.  If we develop adults who pray, study and practice the Scripture, live an authentic faith, are obedient followers, make disciples, give and serve, and function in biblical community then we produce parents who can demonstrate life in Christ for the next generation.  

When we teach the core competency of “disciple-maker” we expect adults who are parents to see their closest disciples as their own children.  We then connect them back to Milestones 1-6 and train them to lead their children along the path of spiritual formation using events like Parent Summit, and Take Home Sunday.  We resource them and equip them to lead faith talks, capitalize on God Moments, and celebrate legacy milestones along the way.

Milestone 7 is not just for parents. If an adult does not have children at home, we challenge them to be a disciple-maker in the context of their relationships. We give them the opportunity to partner with families by serving in the preschool, children, and student ministries.  We ask them to name the people they are pouring their lives into intentionally.  Who did you have a faith talk with this week?  What were the God Moments?  Are any of your disciples celebrating legacy milestones?

Here’s a significant challenge.  When you think about family ministry and equipping the next generations, begin with the adults.  They are the key to the entire process.  If they are the primary faith trainers as stated in Scripture then our role as church leadership is to equip and encourage them for the task at hand. 

When you think family ministry don’t forget Milestone 7: Life in Christ!

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One thought on “Milestone 7: Life In Christ

  1. I think many parents desperately desire to follow these steps. I think the biggest stumbling block is that we are all guilty at some point of turning a blind eye to our children’s behavior because it may affect their standing in a popular group of peers. I have seen this as an epidemic, which starts in late elementary school , is a plague in junior high, and continues on until a child graduates high school. Often, we as parents care more about what others think and what our social consequences will be than what God thinks. We are also as a group not holding our children accountable for their mistakes, not instilling responsibility and respect for authority in them, and helicoptering them so tightly they can hardly make choices on their own, much less make their own mistakes and learn from them. If all of us were honest; we would say we desire to implement and live all of these steps in our lives daily. Each man and woman must look at their own hearts to determine if the culture is keeping them from doing the best job possible for God’s kingdom. We are still in control of teenagers; we can control who their peer group consists of outside of school and can still place boundaries around their lives. We can also more readily dish out consequences…I wonder sometimes how we all get so off track; but, I know that the deceiver lies to parents and tells them to turn a blind eye. I am not judging; I am just baffled at how big of a problem it is in the world today. I am by no means a perfect parent who has made my share of mistakes!!! I think these blogs are great way to make all of us stop and examine the jobs we are doing in our own homes. I pray for our church, Katy, America, and the world that we all take more seriously this awesome responsiblity of parenting! Thank you for your leadership and direction. I will try to apply this wisdom and leadership over here, under the authority of my husband, the best I can! I am sure I will fall; but, I will go to the Lord and His word and continue to fight the good fight. Thank you for caring about our children, Bryan! May He forgive me when I am guilty of not following these paths and direct me to the righteous way!


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