I believe one of the greatest tools for leading our children spiritually is the practical discipline of intentional “Faith Talks.” Think about it this way.  As a parent you are leading your child on a journey to know Christ and to live life in Him. Our prayer along the way is that our children grow up to live life according to a Biblical worldview.  In other words, they become adults who make life decisions based on the truth of God’s Word.  They go to the Word when they have difficult questions. The seek to hear the Lord by reading His Word and doing what it says.  This doesn’t just happen. It takes parental initiative, creativity, discipline, and intentionality.  It is like anything else worth doing: it takes work.

I define a “Faith Talk” as a intentional time each week set aside to discuss the truth of the Bible as it relates to life.  In our case that means in a way that connects with a 9 year old, 6 year old, and 17 month old girl.  A bit of a challenge but we find ways.  A “Faith Talk” is like a family devotion.  I like the term “Faith Talk” better than family devotion.  Words mean a lot to me.  In my mind “Faith Talk” is part of an ongoing conversation.  Family Devotion seems more like church in my living room.  As parents, Angela and I do not want to duplicate church.  Instead we want to have an ongoing conversation that includes daily random “God Moments” (teachable moments designed by God) and intentional “Faith Talks” once a week designed to teach them biblical truth leading to the next legacy milestone.  We use tools from the Legacy Resource Center at Kingsland to plan “Faith Talks” that intentionally teach our girls biblical truth.  The “Faith Talk” becomes a launching pad for conversation that happens all week long.  Hear me and hear me well.  This is not complicated for anyone.  It is merely a commitment.

If this idea is new to you, if you need to recommit to intentional “Faith Talks” or if you just need a fresh start, December is an “advent-agious” time of the year to start.  I know…it’s a dumb play on words but I hope it was quirky enough to get your attention.  Use the advent in December as an opportunity to build the discipline of intentional “Faith Talks.”

Angela is really the mastermind behind advent in our family.  Several years ago we began this nightly tradition using each night of the advent to discuss a characteristic of Jesus.  Last night we had to catch up.  We were already a night behind. Hailey opened the door for December 3 and found a bar of soap.  We read about how Jesus washed his disciples feet and how he washes the dirty hearts of people and makes them clean forever.  Maddie opened the December 4 door and found a small candle.  We lit it and read the passage that says the we are a light to the world for Jesus.  We talked about how we had each been light that day in a dark world.

The advent presents you with the opportunity to have intentional “Faith Talks” with your kids every night.  After doing that for 25 nights you will have developed a wonderful habit.  A beautiful spring board for a weekly, intentional “Faith Talk” that teaches your kids the Scripture.  Don’t underestimate the power of this discipline.  Scripture taught at Church is expected. When the Bible is taught and modeled at home it is exceptional.  Use the advent to launch into a spiritual conversation with your kids that includes a weekly “Faith Talk.”

You can pick up an advent packet/guide at Kingsland or discover our Advent and Nativity Faith Talks in the Legacy Resource Center.

One thought on “It is an “Advent-agious” time to begin Faith Talks!

  1. A great resource for the library, The “ADVENTure of Christmas” by Lisa Whelchel. It’s wonderful for family traditions and has ideas for you to use with very young to older children. Also, I was looking for the “Pine Tree Parable” in the Legacy Learning Center and it wasn’t there. Finally, I loved the idea of providing nativity scene’s, but the one in the Legacy… was breakable (my kids broke the wings off the angel first, then it went on downhill). I found instead, the “Little People Nativity”. LOVE it! My littles could play with it and not break anything! THEY love it and take turns (mostly) playing with baby Jesus, rocking him (He’s about 2 inches and attached to the manger), etc…

    Thank you for all the wonderful words and stories of encouragement toward teaching my children about Christ!


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