It Takes a Village

Parents Lead but it Takes a Village... "It takes a Village." Probably an overused quote but very applicable in the world of parenting. As many of you know I believe the Bible clearly points to parents as the primary faith trainers in the lives of children. However, parents are not alone and do not bear … Continue reading It Takes a Village

Understanding Family Ministry?

This week I spoke to several leaders seeking a simple definition of family ministry. What is it? What does it look like? Here is a short answer from a big picture viewpoint. Out of shear necessity 21st century American evangelicals are diligently working to define “Family Ministry.” A sense of urgency stems from a recent … Continue reading Understanding Family Ministry?

SHIFT FAQ: What About the Kids Whose Parents Don’t Lead Them?

John Mulholland, a youth minister in Cedar Rapids, Iowa asked a great question today.  "WHAT ABOUT THE OTHERS?" Essentially John asks a question that is at the forefront of practitioners minds as they read Shift. Clearly the scriptures teach that we should equip parents to lead their children spiritually. We should spend a significant amount … Continue reading SHIFT FAQ: What About the Kids Whose Parents Don’t Lead Them?