Disciple Children for Life on Mission

Each year I am privileged to lead a group of 40ish people on an in-depth study tour of the land of Israel. We study the biblical text in context but not in the usual way. Instead we hike the land from Dan to Beersheva and try to pattern our experience around the ways of the … Continue reading Disciple Children for Life on Mission

It Takes a Village

Parents Lead but it Takes a Village... "It takes a Village." Probably an overused quote but very applicable in the world of parenting. As many of you know I believe the Bible clearly points to parents as the primary faith trainers in the lives of children. However, parents are not alone and do not bear … Continue reading It Takes a Village

On Mission Families

On Mission Families How Parents Can Lead Their Children to Love Others A Parent’s Perspective My wife and I love to serve alongside our three daughters (Hailey 10, Madelyn 7, and Eden 2). We think it is an important part of their spiritual formation as young Christ-followers. Our family mantra echoes the words of Jesus … Continue reading On Mission Families