SHIFT FAQ: Unbelieving Kids?

Question 1: What if a Child does not become a believer during the time designated for the second milestones?  Do parents continue with the others? Or is the child stuck at milestone 2. Children who do not receive Christ between the ages of 7and 13 continue along the path of legacy milestones. Often ministry leaders … Continue reading SHIFT FAQ: Unbelieving Kids?

Understanding Family Ministry?

This week I spoke to several leaders seeking a simple definition of family ministry. What is it? What does it look like? Here is a short answer from a big picture viewpoint. Out of shear necessity 21st century American evangelicals are diligently working to define “Family Ministry.” A sense of urgency stems from a recent … Continue reading Understanding Family Ministry?

SHIFT FAQ: What About the Kids Whose Parents Don’t Lead Them?

John Mulholland, a youth minister in Cedar Rapids, Iowa asked a great question today.  "WHAT ABOUT THE OTHERS?" Essentially John asks a question that is at the forefront of practitioners minds as they read Shift. Clearly the scriptures teach that we should equip parents to lead their children spiritually. We should spend a significant amount … Continue reading SHIFT FAQ: What About the Kids Whose Parents Don’t Lead Them?