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A Global Lament

Isolation. Never alone but always alone. Fear. Anger. Full vent online. Zoom. Bored. Depression. Anxiety. So much death. Canceled. Politics. Mixed messages. Lies. Truth. Everyone makes up their own “truth.” Fragility. Stupidity. Racism. Abuse. Hunger. Schism. Global Disaster. Eyes only faces. Grief. Tears. Make it stop. “But this I call to mind and therefore I … Continue reading A Global Lament

Eastern skies. Western eyes.

Eastern skies. Western eyes. Ancient paths. Superhighways. Shepherds. CEO's. Follow me. Work for me. Watch me - be like me. Sit in rows - listen - fill in the blank. Pray like this. Tweet like this. Love your neighbor as yourself. Love yourself. Love your enemies. Kill your enemies. Blessed are the peacemakers. Blessed are … Continue reading Eastern skies. Western eyes.

Teorías de la conspiración entre los cristianos

Recently I was interviewed by Kate Shellnutt at Christianity Today for an article titled "In Essentials, Unity. In Conspiracy Theories, Truth." The article links to a blog post I wrote in May called "Conspiracy Theories Among Christians." Giselle Seidel from CT translated my post into Spanish for those who prefer to read in Spanish. Un … Continue reading Teorías de la conspiración entre los cristianos