I’m angry, I think in a righteous way. Not without hope or in fear, but angry nonetheless.

I’m angry with some of my spiritual fathers because of their confusing and maybe even misguided leadership in hopes of landing a conservative victory in the White House.

In these last days before the 2016 presidential election I have a real problem. I am a pastor serving Christ and shepherding people I love dearly. I am the father of three daughters all of which have some grasp on the issues surrounding the election. My family, my church, and a small portion of the Kingdom of Jesus that God has given me some influence with is clamoring for answers. Who should we vote for? Who will be the one that will lead our country in the right direction? How will you vote?

Generally, I am conservative when it comes to American politics. As an “evangelical” leader I feel pressure to get on the Trump train. I feel as if I am standing in the station, watching the train go by, unwilling to board. While I will not vote for Hillary, I have not been able to bring myself to say, “I’ll vote for Trump.”

The latest video of Trump, again revealing what is in his heart about women, is indefensible. Remember, I’m a dad of daughters and a pastor for many women. How can I say to my girls or the women in my church, “Look, we need to get over it? He’s the hero for our conservative cause and the best choice we have, no matter how he has spoken about women.” I know, I know, that video was from 2005. But, prior to seeing that video I already knew what was in Trump’s heart concerning women. Why? Over the last two years I have been watching him and listening to him. At first I thought he would never win the Republican primary, well because it’s obvious. What comes out of a man’s mouth is what is in his heart. When he did win, I grieved. After all, in America, we get what we ask for.

Sadness is different than anger though. Our options for choosing the next President make me sad, not angry.

What makes me angry are “evangelical” leaders who rally behind Trump no matter how egregious or indefensible his latest escapade might be. It is as if we are willing to shout “liar” at Hillary Clinton while embracing the foolishness of Donald Trump. This is a double standard formed in partisan politic not gospel centeredness or in light of a biblical worldview. It is not as if we Christians can simply apply our worldview to one candidate but not the other.

When choosing a President we look at policy positions as well as the trajectory of one’s life, beliefs, decisions, and mistakes to determine worthiness for office. Then, we vote. We are quick to follow this process with Hillary Clinton. E-mails, Benghazi, long-term stance on abortion, the sins of her husband, etc. This is how I eliminate Hillary Clinton as the winner of my vote. When it comes to Trump, some evangelical leaders are rejecting the trajectory of his life and argue, “People can change.” While this is true, some things are simply not defensible.

To be sure, I am angry with my spiritual fathers who quickly sweep the trajectory of Donald Trump’s life under the rug in hopes of winning an election. This is hypocrisy. According to Collin Hansen of the Washington Post in this case the real “Hypocrisy is not about failing to live up to your standards. Hypocrisy is about teaching something you don’t actually believe.” (Article: This is the last spastic breath from the Religious Right before its overdue death)

How can we excuse “red flag character issues” for a presidential candidate that we would not look over for a local schoolteacher seeking employment? It’s a farce.

I have a real hope for America. It’s not found in a political leader or even the government for that matter. My hope lies in Jesus Christ and in His church. My prayer is that the political lunacy of these days causes the church to seek first the Kingdom of God, united to saturate this country and it’s beautiful people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Right now we need to pray more than ever. Join me in praying for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and voters across this great nation. Let’s pray more than we have leading up to this moment. Then we will trust God in His sovereignty to use whoever wins to further His purposes in this nation whether it be for prosperity or demise. His Kingdom will never end.

Dear Pastors, let’s hold up Christ and be consistent with our call to the gospel of truth and grace. Quit pushing a candidate and hold up Christ.

24 thoughts on “I’m angry and justifiably so…

  1. If I can save a life(anti-abortion) or open the doors to possible conservative justices being seated in the Supreme Court, I will hold my nose and push the button for Trump. The other slightly redeeming value he has is that he seems to honestly love our country. He seems to want to make life better for us. God blessed us with a ffree society to be able to decide who is the least damaging (in 2016 race).


    1. And Brian….. I greatly appreciate your honesty and willingness to post your thoughts. Too many Christians avoid discussion on this most important topic. These are crazy times and the great deceiver would want us to run scared and avoid judgement from our brothers and sisters in Christ instead of seeking wisdom from above and from fellow believers. Bloggers like you open the doors of reason and sanity.

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  2. Thank you for your boldness, in speaking this truth in love for Christ and His Kingdom. I will not compromise my values just to appease the worldview of the majority in this presidential election. I appreciate the way you have helped to clarity and remind us of our true alliance first and foremost is to our King, Jesus. If more Christians would wake up and separate themselves from the vile in this world, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. Jesus warned the Church not to lose its saltiness, otherwise it/we wouldn’t be good for anything. Matthew 5:13


  3. Thanks for sharing your heart ,
    Believe in the God you love ,, Have faith in the days and years to come , this moment is another page of history .. believe in Hope for all mankind and lift up your brothers and sisters with encouragement and continue to enlighten those with “your” truth xo
    Television …… I wonder ,, our “News” I question . We all have the right to vote here in this wonderful country .. We can Vote for any name ion that ballet and find fault in each . Prayers matter
    Best of luck … God Bless …..
    Thou Shall X 10 Just another sinner!
    In love with love xo


  4. In addition, do you observe the revealing way women and girls dress? Respect needs to be earned.
    Also Look at King David. Your attitude would lead to your judging him after the Bathsheba episode. David was, nonetheless “a man after God’s own heart.” Judgment is God’s job, not ours.


    1. Comparing King David to Donald Trump is funny. And, I can judge that David committed a sin. In fact God did and there were consequences to David and the Kingdom. Also to somehow suggest that Donald Trump’s comments toward women is the fault of women and what they wear is degrading to all women. Men have to be responsible for their words and actions no matter what women wear.

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    2. Also, David was called “a man after God’s own heart” because the trajectory of his life shows that He loves God with all his heart. That different and incomparable to Trump. Respectfully, It’s a flawed argument all the way around.


      1. I encourage you to consider the numerous and profoundly flawed men that God placed as leaders over nations throughout the New Testament. I will be voting for Donald Trump, not because I respect or admire him, but I am voting for his platform because Hillary Clinton’s is indefensible. As in Bible days, God is entirely capable of raising up a man such as this for such a time as this. Many in the Christian community did not cast their vote for Romney some years ago because he was a Mormon, and we are now paying a dear price for our misguided views and advice of foolish clergy. God help us!


  5. Wait. That was 11years ago. Where is the Christian understanding that Christ can change people’s hearts? How do we know how God is working in Trump’s life? Maybe God used this to make Trump a tad more humble. On the subject of women: women have pushed themselves to be “equal” when what it really is is a quest for total domination. Women want it all and also want to play the innocent victim as well. Some f the most vile talk has come from the mouths of women. Just watch any “Real Housewives of…” As the perfect example. Women want to take over for men and still demand that men kow tow to them and treat them like pristine princesses. Can’t have it both ways.


  6. Thank you for this. Thanks for your anger. I am truly rattled, and hurt and grieved by the lack of anger, and weak “he shouldn’t have said that, but…” from Christian men (and women).


  7. I understand your reluctance to vote for Trump. As far as I can tell, he has no moral center whatsoever. He seems to be a seriously damaged individual and is totally unsuited to be President of this country. When people tell you who they are and what they believe, you have to take that in and compare it with what you know of that person’s history. I see nothing in Trump that inspires any sort of positive response. Certainly, I can’t understand anyone who professes to be a Christian even considering voting for him.

    When it comes to Hillary, on the other hand, I’m not really sure what it is that makes her completely unthinkable as a candidate. She seems to be a very intelligent, hard-working, thoughtful person who has been a public servant all her life. Most of the issues you refer to as reasons for not considering her are minor at most, have been heavily investigated (by her tireless opponents in the Republican Party), and in each instance, she has been found to be guilty of nothing. From your words, I assume that you simply cannot support anyone who is a liberal or progressive, regardless of their character or abilities. This is, I think, a weakness in you, and not one of Hillary Clinton. I think you should do some sincere soul-searching and praying over this, and try to figure out whether or not you are, in fact, making an informed choice, or whether you might be accepting other people’s assessments as your own.

    In this election, I do not feel I’m choosing the lesser of two evils. I’m happy to support Hillary Clinton and frightened by the very idea of Donald Trump in the White House — not because he is conservative, but because he is a dangerously unhinged man. In cases like this, it seems to me that unless you are hopelessly partisan, there can be only one sensible choice. This is not a contest between a Democrat and a Republican, or between a liberal and a conservative. This is a contest between a sane, well-qualified individual, and a (near) madman.

    But of course, that’s only my opinion. I wish you all the best in coming to terms with this choice, which (unfortunately) everyone in this country must make this year.


    1. Hillary Clinton is A George Soros puppet. Learn who henis. He wants the destruction of America. He’s a bitter old Communist who is funding her campaign. And she IS guilty. She manipulates courts and murders Those who oppose her. Get real.


    2. This is something I am working through right now. I agree that after 30-something years of negative coverage of HRC, most of us need to do some hardcore fact checking to separate truths from half-truths and lies. We also need to be be honest and thorough in asking ourselves whether some sexism might be coming into play…this is even important for us woman to take a look at.

      The email controversy is something Im not up I arms about. I think it’s clear that she shouldn’t have done what she did, but that it was an error in judgment. There was nothing sinister, nothing illegal, and many other public figures have done the same thing, or at least something similar (Colin Powell). I also don’t think Hillary was responsible for Benghazi, or that it’s inconceivable that most people initially believed the attack was the direct result of a video. (People seem to have forgotten that there were NINE other attacks or attempted attacks on American embassies and consulates the SAME DAY as the attack on Benghazi, and those attacks were in direct response to the video…in addition to protests and riots and attacks in 66 countries on 6 continents, with 700 injured and 50+ deaths…all due to the video.)

      I also don’t believe her husband’s sins disqualify her from the Presidency, and I don’t believe for a second that she was an accomplice in alleged assaults.

      She is pro-choice, but her polices will lower the abortion rate, as have those of Pres. Obama. This is important to me.

      I agree with many of her positions, and I admire a lot of things she has done over 30 years spent in public service.

      I don’t buy into far-fetched conspiracy theories, about her or about unfair media bias in her favor.

      I believe she is a believer.

      I think she is more than qualified when it comes to skills and experience.

      I think a Donald Trump presidency would be a disaster.

      And there is no other candidate I can support.

      All that said, I don’t know what it is, but something keeps me from being able to support her. I’ve spent months soul searching, and researching. I think it all boils down to the fact that there are too many instances where there has been the appearance of impropriety. I don’t know that she’s broken any laws. I imagine with all the investigations (the ones that made sense as well as the witch hunts) she would have been prosecuted if there was anything to prosecute her on. I guess I just have an overall feeling that it’s not important to her to keep herself above reproach. I do think that she has shown carelessness on things that are a really big deal. Of course, I have to ask myself if I’m holding her to a higher standard than that to which I would hold a male politician…I THINK the answer is no. Am I being unfair by expecting fewer slip ups when she’s been in the public eye for like 40 years? I don’t know.

      When it comes down to it, I would prefer Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump any day of the week. But for me, voting for someone means I vouch for them, that I want what they want and I approve of who they are. Can I vote for Hillary? I don’t think I can. I don’t know if my reservations are coming from my own biases/preferences, or from the Holy Spirit.

      I’ll continue to pray for wisdom and discernment between now and November 8. I really hope everyone else will as well.

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  8. I turned 18 in 1992 and I took my vote seriously. I researched all candidates thoroughly and decided to cast my vote for Bill Clinton. I did so again in 1996. And then his scandal rerouted my political views. I was convicted that as a Christian, I had a duty to vote for Godly and moral politicians. I do not want the Clintons back in the White House, but Donald Trump is just as bad morally, if not worse, than the Clintons. He has cheated on every single wife and his comments reveal that what he thinks of women is deplorable. He says he believes, but there is nothing in his life to indicate that he in fact does. He bears no spiritual fruit of any kind, yet so many Believers want him to be one of us. I am sad that so many times I feel like I’m voting for the lesser of two evils and this time around, it seems the lessers are so much lesser than they have been in any political race before. Thank you for posting this.


  9. This article was very well-written.

    I think that our responsibility to vote is not in voting itself but in making an informed choice. The informed, principled choice here is not to vote for either of the top two candidates (or any of the top four, for that matter). This isn’t like getting your news from SNL and forgetting election day. It’s about weighing the options and deciding that you can’t support any of the Presidential candidates.

    The impulse to vote for Trump is one of self-preservation. Many evangelical leaders think Trump will preserve a more friendly environment for Christians. It reminds me of ancient Israel. Let’s say that Clinton/DNC is Assyria: openly hostile to God’s people. Trump represents Egypt, no less wicked but perhaps friendlier, willing to make a deal to offer protection. God warned Israel again and again not to make that deal.


    1. I am leaning this way as well, but still praying for wisdom. I probably won’t know what I’m going to do until it is actually Election Day, but one thing I know is that I will never vote for Donald Trump.

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  10. My prayers have been with VP Candidate Mike Pence who truly is a great godly guy. I wish he were at the top of the ticket. I am pro life so I will not vote Hillary. I abhor the comments out of Trump’s mouth regarding women, so I am simply pray for a miracle. I have no idea how God will work, if it will be a Saul to Paul type change for either side, all I know is Mike Pence may be like Queen Esther and in a place of leadership for “such a time as this” This nation needs a God-sized miracle.


  11. We agree with you and totally support you sharing what should be shared from a committed Christian in leadership. The United States is facing a very difficult time, but the will of God will prevail. May God bless you and bless your boldness and your faith in Him.
    Edmond and Mabel


  12. I almost never post about political things, so this is mine for the ages.
    1) We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers (Eph 6:12)
    2) God is in charge no matter what – His power and plan trumps any human’s – even the president’s (pun intended) (Romans 13:1)
    3) The Jews believed the Messiah would overthrow the oppressive government (Matt. 21:1-11), but he was about changing people’s hearts – one at a time (Luke 15, Luke 19:10)
    4) No amount of moral law making, law enforcing, or even law following can fix the real problem; God calls for circumcision of the heart (Romans 2:29)
    5) Perfect love casts out fear, so any decision made of fear, believing there is no better choice is, by the Biblical definition, not made out of love. What was our 1st commandment? “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” (I John 4:18, Matt. 22:36-40)
    6) This world is not our home. This country is not our country. (Hebrews 13:14, Hebrews 11:16) So, our actions should first represent our heavenly country and our heavenly home, not just something we can live with on this earthly one.
    Some personal thoughts:
    Nowhere in the Bible does it say that if the majority of a country follow Him, the rulers will thereby be good and your country will go on forever. Many good peoples have been persecuted and killed not because they voted poorly, but because they lived in a sinful world, as we all do. So, whatever happens, that is the overarching reason. The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. (Matt 5:45)
    Also, if all of the people who claim to despise both of these candidates chose to vote according to conscience instead of fear, there really would be the possibility of having someone different. But again, right choices do not always result in right results – because of the sinful world. If Jesus lived in a world with a corrupt government, and, indeed, was murdered by one, why should we think we are exempt from that possibility just because of any choices we could make or because our country is/was “great”? (The servant is not greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. John 15:20) After all, he certainly didn’t deserve it.
    Done. I won’t respond to comments because I’ll make myself crazy if I do. Just my 25 cents.


  13. I agree. I have felt the same way. I even resigned all my positions in the Republican Party when Trump won. This has been a difficult year. If I cannot support Clinton, I cannot support Trump either. We must stand on principle.


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