How Should Western Christians Respond to the Confilict in the Middle East?

My purpose for writing this article is to help American Christians think through their approach to recent and ongoing events in the Middle East involving the nations of the entire region. Most recently I have been watching as western Christians post all kinds of comments, some balanced and some misguided, on social media like they are watching the world cup.…

Jesus and First Fruits: Discover the Hope of New and Eternal Life

The resurrection of Jesus brings hope to the entire world. Discover how the resurrection of Jesus means new life and eternal life for all that would believe in Him. If you need a new life now and wonder about life after death, explore Jesus as the First Fruits of a much greater harvest of people moving from death to life. (Part 3 of 3 in the Passed Over Series)

Jesus and Unleavened Bread: He Removes Your Sin

Even a little sin requires the death penalty in God’s economy. Discover how Jesus, who knew know sin, became sin (leaven) and took the penalty of sin for you. If you are worried about how God will judge your sin, discover the good news that Jesus paid the ultimate price to remove the sin from your life and set you free. (Part 2 of 3 in the Passed Over Series)


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