Shepherds and Angels

An embellished but possible perspective of the Messiah’s birth based on Luke 2:8-20 The fields outside of Bethlehem are desolate; full of rocks and crags, serpents, and lions. These fields are the shepherd’s fields of the Judean wilderness. Historically, this is a brutal country occupied by the meager and lowly… except one. Shepherds keep watch over their flocks by night.…

I am not thankful! (…enough)

Thanksgiving is “as American as apple pie” some might say. However, giving thanks is a much older practice than America itself. Giving thanks is the genuine response of disciples of Jesus Christ offered to our gracious Redeemer.  Giving thanks is an abounding act of worship for Christians. Consider the words of Paul to the church at Colossi: “Therefore, as you…

Making God’s Purposes Your Family’s Purposes

What are God’s purposes? This foundational question sets the course for all Christian families. His purpose is the glory of His name in every nation and in every generation through the redemption of sinful people by His Son, Jesus. Simply, God’s methods for accomplishing this purpose on the earth are three-fold. First, that His people love Him with all of…

New Life in the Next Generation

Last week at Bay Area Christian School and in the student ministry of Bay Area First Baptist Church we saw an amazing out pouring of God’s Spirit and an amazing response to the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you know me you know I’m praying that the next generation of American Christians to become the greatest generation of American Christ-followers in U.S. history. That’s my big God, John 15 prayer for the next generation. Here is a glimpse of what God did last week in our little faith community with the next generation.


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